Regional and National Radiation Protection Activities in Egypt

M A M Gomaa*

IRPA Egypt, Radiation Protection Group, ESNSA ,Cairo, Egypt


Radiation Protection Activities in Egypt go back to 1957 where the Egyptian Atomic Energy Commission (EAEC) Law was issued.

Radiation protection and civil defense department was one of EAEC eighth departments. Ionizing radiation law was issued in 1960 and its executive regulation in 1962. The main aim of the present work is to through some light on the current radiation protection activities in Egypt. This includes not only the role of governmental organizations but also to the non governmental organizations.

Currently a new Nuclear Safety law is understudy. Regional activities such as holding the second all African IRPA regional radiation protection congress which was held in April 2007 and national training and workshops are held regularly through EAEA , AAEA and MERRCAC

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