The Second Gulf Conference and Exhibition on ‘Environment and Sustainability’

16-19/February, 2009 - Kuwait

Role of the Nuclear Programs in the Sustainable Development and the Environment Preservation in the Arabian Countries

Salman, A.B.

Nuclear Materials Authority, P.O.Box: 530 El Maadi, Cairo, Egypt



The nuclear programs in the Arabian countries should be taken seriously and need remarkable efforts to be able to share in the countries sustainable development projects. The important first step is the understanding of the nuclear fuel cycle and its demands. Where to explore and find reasonable uranium resources and how to extract uranium from them. It is known that the Arabian countries have lot of oil and gasses, but these are considered as fossil resources that will be diminish with few tens of years.

Therefore, the utilization and need for the nuclear energy will be essential. It should be noted that the importance of the water issue in the Arab countries is well known "as the situation faced by the countries of the Middle East and North Africa is very critical". So, one of the main demands to nuclear programs is desalination of see water to overcome the water shortage problems.

In addition, the development projects are expanded year after year in our Arabian countries and the need for more energy is essential for the sustainable development of the ongoing and future projects.

The nuclear programs play an important role in the environment preservation where no CO2, SO2 and NO2 gases emitted. Radiation monitoring is essential for checking the land, soil, air, water and indoors radiometric pollutions. Therefore, the construction of baseline radiometric maps is of fatal importance for the Arabian countries. These maps can be used as historical record for watching any radiological hazards at any part of the country.

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