Technical note:  Radionuclides in hot mineral spring waters in Jordan

S. A. Saqan  !, M. K. Kullab",*, A. M. Ismail

 !  Physics Department, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

 " Physics Department, Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan

  * Received 25 July 1999; received in revised form 1 March 2000; accepted 16 March 2000


Hot mineral springs in Jordan are very attractive to people who seek physical healing but they are unaware of natural radioactive elements that may be contained in the hot mineral water. The activities of the natural radioactive isotopes were measured and the concentrations of the parents of their natural radioactive series were calculated. The measured radionuclides were  234Th, 226Ra, 214Pb, 214Bi, 228Ac, 228Th, 212Pb, 212Bi and 208 Tl. In addition the activities of  235U and 40 K were measured. The activities ranged from 0.14 to 34.8 Bq/l, while the concentrations of parent uranium and thorium isotopes ranged from 3.0 ]10~3  to 0.59 mg/l. The results were compared with those for drinking water. 
المصدر: Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 52 (2001) 99}107

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