Mineral chemistry of polymetallic mineralization associated with altered granite, Hangaliya area, South Eastern Desert, Egypt

Mohamed F. RASLAN & Mohamed A. ALI

The Hangaliya gold deposit, located in the South Eastern Desert of Egypt, comprises a series of milky quartz veins along NW-trending Hangaliya shear zone, cutting through granitic rocks of Gabal Nugrus monzogranite. This shear zone, along with a system of discrete shear and fault zones, formed in the late deformation history of the area. The quartz vein emplacement took place under a brittle-ductile shear regime. Auriferous quartz veins are slightly sheared and boudinaged within the shear zone, especially in the hematized granite. Hydrothermal alteration is pervasive in the granitic wall rocks including sericitization, chloritization, fluoritization, sulphidization and minor carbonatization. The altered zones and associating quartz veins contain sulphides, gold, silver, cobalt, bismuth, and uraninite minerals. The Hangaliya gold veins include gold, silver, cobaltite, native bismuth, chalcopyrite, pyrite, galena, ferrocolumbite, fergusonite and uraninite. The Au-ore occurs in the quartz veins and adjacent wall rocks as dissemination in chalcopyrite and pyrite. Presence of refractory native silver, bismuth and cobalt in chalcopyrite is inferred from microprobe analyses. Wall rock sulphidization also likely contributed to destabilising the gold-silver, cobalt, bismuth assemblages and precipitation of the minerals in the hydrothermal alteration zone adjacent to the quartz veins. Gold occurs in two main modes: “invisible gold” in sulphides and native gold. Most of the “invisible gold” occurs in chalcopyrite and bismuth. The altered granites in the Hangaliya shear zone are enriched in Au, Ag, Bi, Co,and Ni with chalcopyrite, which suggests derivation of these metals from serpentinites due to interaction with the felsic Nugrus granite.
المصدر: Mohamed F. RASLAN GEOLOGIJA 53/2, 129-138, Ljubljana 2010

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