Project idea Restaurant

  In light of a woman going out to work, preparing food has become a kind of torment As well as for non-married couples and expatriates from the students and staff this is why it get good food at a reasonable price is a type of fiction
   In this sense and after clarification of all these advantages, we decided to work out a giant project relying on all this wealth existing in the Sinai.
We have found the work of *Sunset Restaurant* in Al-Arish would add a brilliant idea for this project from the proceeds of economic and tourist a great addition to modern European touch in this project is reverting to the events of World methods and techniques, making it the best start for several future projects achieve prosperity and progress to the land of Sinai.

Why we chose the restaurant project in the Sinai

1- We have found with all the factors and elements of success that characterize the land of Sinai, said the idea of this project can provide many opportunities for recreation, tourism, and knowledge of the treasures of this place.
 2- Sinai need for economic and tourism projects to bring material help to return to this place the Renaissance, which lacks many of the projects.
 3- Lack of entertainment venues, restaurants and nature tourism that attract people to it.
4- Poor conditions experienced by Egypt in general And Sinai, especially whether these circumstances economic, political or social...
5- Try to help reduce unemployment, whether that was working on this project or benefit from the services provided by this project.
6- The success of such projects in several places and ability to bring good financial returns.

Location sinai

   The location of Sinai is the key to understanding the past and the present building, and Sinai is making the future is a key figure of Egypt. It is the patch that link Africa to Asia.
   While overlooking the Europe through the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The Sinai Peninsula is located in the northeastern part of the land of Egypt, and covers an area of the Sinai Peninsula about 61 thousand square kilometers, equivalent to about 6% of Egypt's total area.
  The area of northern Sinai, about 27 564 km 2 and an estimated population of 499 861 thousand b Estimated population in 2010, live 86.5% of the population on the coastal strip and the proportion of area of the coastal centers 21.4% of the total area of the province
   Sinai is importance of grand strategy (especially in North Sinai), where a fort east of Egypt, a crossing which is expressed by most of the attacks that targeted Egypt, both in ancient history or modern.


El Arish

   is the most important cities in Sinai beach on the Mediterranean Sea, and the capital of North Sinai Governorate, but is the largest desert city in Egypt at all. El Arish was an important port since ancient times, as it was strategically located and was passing by the armies always.
   The highlight is famous for its beautiful beach on the Mediterranean, which are spread by the tourist villages. Known as the ranks of dense palm, which distinguish it from any other beach sand on the Mediterranean coast.

The natural of Sinai


   Sinai is the summary nature in all the land of Egypt, a moderate from the air in summer, warm and rainy north to the south and the model of Egypt's eastern highlands, but the highest summit at the Egyptian Catherine. The valleys and deserts, where agriculture and mining, industry and tourism together, even the River Nile Sinai was first choice for the seat of the eastern branch of the foot, even re-Egyptians this day, the artery of a new cross-Salam Canal.
   Sinai is considered one of the distinctive Egyptian cities in terms of purity of the atmosphere and the presence of the Mediterranean Sea, where the Sinai along the 230 km stretch along the sea coast is the longest coastline in the world on the beach overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Tourism in Sinai

   The history of investment Sinai one black points for quite some time because I knew the Sinai of the few investment projects in the tourism and leisure over the past years
   Sinai tourist precious treasure was discovered part of it dazzles the world and the flow of the hundreds of thousands per year from around the globe and still the bulk of this treasure is a lot of tourism growth For all that, and despite the recent discovery of this treasure land of tourism has seen a revival in the Sinai tourist investment and modern tourist facilities, and glimmered in each of the Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab, Taba and Nuweiba on the Gulf of Aqaba, and in El Arish.
Sinai is gathering all the elements of successful tourism, climate and natural elements of land, sea, suitable for all types of tourism. At the forefront of tourism, recreational tourism, such as beaches Tourism and diving and water sports on the Gulf of Aqaba and religious tourism.
   Sinai is gathering all the elements of successful tourism, climate and natural elements of land, sea, suitable for all types of tourism. At the forefront of tourism, recreational tourism, such as beaches and diving tourism and water sports on the Gulf of Aqaba and religious tourism and medical tourism in addition to herbal therapy, especially in the Catherine.
   The growing importance of cities in Sinai tourism conferences, especially in Sharm el-Sheikh, which hosted more than a political conference a major global conferences and dozens of other specialized and valleys between the Sinai mountains and active safari and adventure, especially with the expansion of the desert in the South and North Sinai.

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