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Name:  Muhamad Mahmoud Abd-El- Rahman El-Kady

Date of Birth: 23/4/1970
Residence:  Pyramid - Giza - The Arab Republic of Egypt. 
E- mail: [email protected]

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-Bachelor's degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies  with General estimate very good from the Faculty of Daar El-Uluum, Cairo University (1992).

- MA in Arabic Linguistics. Thesis title: Children's literature according to Ahmad Najib: Lexical, morphological and syntactic analysis (2001),with an General estimate excellent. Cairo University,Faculty of Daar el-Uluum
Department of Linguistics and Oriental and Semitic Languages.

- Ph.D in Linguistics (2007) with General estimate excellent Honors. University of Helwan,Faculty of Arts.
• 1/7/1992 to 1/7/1998: Publishing manager at ‘Atfaaluna “Our Children” Media Production Company
• 27/6/1998 to 18/5/2001: Demonstrator at the Faculty of Arts, Helwan University, Arabic Language Department.

• 19/5/2001 to 24/11/2007: Assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Arts, Helwan University, Arabic Language Department.
• 25/11/2007 to now: present Lecturer of Arabic Language and Linguistics and children’s literature, Department of Arabic, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University.

• Expert of Arabic Language at The Arabic Language Academy in Cairo


Membership of Committees:

• Member of the Arts Committee at the the National Arts Council for Culture and Arts
• Member of the Egyptian Writers’ Union.
• Member of the Society of Lisan Al-Arab “The Arab’s Tongue”.
• Member of the Society of Homat Allughah al-Al-Arabiyyah “Protectors of the Arabic Language”


-Writing and publication activities:
• Writing  more than (60) sixty children’s stories

• Designing a curriculum for teaching Arabic and religion for pre- school children
• Offering special courses on family and child-rearing education.

Publications during the period between 1994 - 2005
First: Encyclopedias:
Participating in the Muslim Family Encyclopedia issued by the Media Company “Atfaaluna”’Our Children’ during the period from 1996 till 1998, which was issued in (16) volumes, of which the author participated in (13) volumes, namely:
1) Ethics
2) Arts
3) Prophets
4) Creed
5) Islamic history

 6) Islamic civilization
7) Biography of the Prophet
8) Sahaba ‘The Companions of the Prophet’
9) Famous Female Figures
10)Famous Muslim Figures

11) Good offspring
12) The Happy family
13) The Muslim Home

• Similar lexical items in the Qur’an : An Islamic exegetic perspective within the linguistic and contextual framework

• The art of writing for children between theory and practice
• Kamal Bishr’s history and biography
• Renew your marriage.
• How to win your mother-in-law?
• Masterpiece of mysticism

Third: Historical figures

-Leader and battlefield Series (10 volumes), issued by Dar al-tawzi’ wa nnashr al-Islamiyyah ‘Islamic distrubtion and publishing company, (1998).

Fourth: historical stories:
The story of life as inspired by the stories of the prophets, (10 volumes). So far only the following three stories have been issued by Daar al-Liwaa’ for printing and publishing:
• The Beginning (Adam and Idris)
• The Post-flood period (Noah, Hud and Saleh)
• The House of Islam (Abraham and Isaac and Ishmael)


Fifth: Stories and Tales
1 – The reward of perfection/charity (Dar Al-Qasim, Riyadh)
2 - Salvation (Dar Al-Qasim, Riyadh)
3 – The Treasure (Dar Al-Qasim, Riyadh)
4 – The good land (Dar Al-Qasim, Riyadh)
5 – The carrot bundle (Dar Atfaaluna ‘Our children’)

The ethics series
6 - Stories about gratitude (Dar Atfaaluna ‘Our children’)
7 - Stories about justice (co-author) (Dar Atfaaluna ‘Our children’)


8 - Stories of courage (co-author) ((Dar Atfaaluna ‘Our children’)
9 - Stories about resting one’s case with Allah (co-author) ((Dar Atfaaluna ‘Our children’)
10 - Stories about endurance (co-author) (Dar Atfaaluna ‘Our children’)

Intelligent series

-Intelligence of the Sahabah ‘The Companions’ (Dar Atfaaluna ‘Our children’) - Smart poets (Dar Atfaaluna ‘Our children’)
-A series of puzzles: Riddles for the smart (three volumes three levels)

- “I do not like” Series (Dar al-Liwaa’ Printing and Publishing House) (

12 - I do not like the greedy person (Dar al-Liwaa’ Printing and Publishing House)  
13 - I do not like the miserly (Dar al-Liwaa’ Printing and Publishing House)  
- I do not like the cheat(Dar al-Liwaa’ Printing and Publishing House) 


14 - I do not like the oppressor (Dar al-Liwaa’ Printing and Publishing House)
15 - I do not like the liar (Dar al-Liwaa’ Printing and Publishing House)  
16 - I do not like the jealous (Dar al-Liwaa’ Printing and Publishing House)  

17 – The birds and animals in the Quran series (8 volumes) (Dar an-nashr wat-tawzi’ “Distribution and publishing House”)

18 – The Prophet’s wives series (12 volumes) (Dar an-nashr wat-tawzi’ “Distribution and Publishing House”)

19 – Odd stories and anecdotes (16 stories) ‘Iqra’ (Read) House in Cairo
20 -The story of the bizarre Queen (a story aimed to facilitate the writing of the letter hamzah in Arabic) (Dar Atfaaluna ‘Our children’)

-Designing an educational curriculum for kindergarten (Dar yanaabi’for publication and distribution) in 2001:
21 – My letters, and my words (Book I)
22 - My letters, and my words (Book II) (Book II)
23 – The meadow of letters (Book I)
24 - The meadow of letters (Book II)
25 - The Garden of Faith (Book I)
26 - The Garden of Faith (Book II)

Other educational materials
27 – Meshmesh at the School of numerals (Book I) (Dar Fikrah)
28) Meshmesh at the School of mathematics (Book II)(Dar Fikrah)  
29 – The Muslim Child Grove (Dar Fikrah)


- Electonic Books (CD):
30 – Immortal Women (Taif for electronic media)
31 - The secret of the wallet (A story) (Khalifah Computer Company)
32 – A Simplified Islamic Encyclopedia of Knowledge (Harf for technology and information).

TV serials:
-The author of the scenario of a television series entitled Juha 2000 for ART television
-Stories under publication:
The miracles of the Prophet (peace be upon him) series (10 volumes) Dar Ar-Rayah Saudi Arabia


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