Eye color: the family genes

People overall have the same set of genes. What makes us each different than the other are the tiny differences in our genetic code. This is the same for eye color: we all have the same genes, but have various eye colors based on the various sets of genes we have. There are about 9 total combinations of eye genes and colors, and among these there are 6 combinations that will give us brown eyes, two for green, and only those whose parents have two sets of blue eye genes will have blue eyes. What it comes down to when we determine what color our children’s eyes will be, most of the time we will see brown eyes. This is especially true in those cultures that seldom have the blue or green eye genes, including Africans, Native Australians, Asians, and Native Americans. However, know that they could be carrying a blue or green gene, and someday you could see blue or green eyed grandbabies.


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