walking on air When you are happy and excited because of a pleasant event that makes you feel as if you are floating, you are walking on air.
Sophie has been walking on air since her painting won the first prize.
walking encyclopaedia This term refers to a person who is very knowledgeable about a lot of subjects.
The origin of Halloween?  Ask Jill - she's a walking encyclopaedia!
walking papers If you are given your walking papers, your contract or a relationship has ended.
After causing a diplomatic incident, Carter got his walking papers.
want head on a platter If someone makes you so angry that you want them to be punished, you want their head on a platter.
He was so angry when he read the article about his family that he wanted the journalist's head on a platter.
in/through the wars If a person or thing has been in (or through) the wars, they show signs of rough treatment, injury or damage.
He arrived in a car that looked as if it had been in the wars.
watch one's step If you tell someone to watch their step, you are advising them to be careful how they behave in order to avoid getting into trouble.
There is zero tolerance in this school for bad behaviour, so watch your step!
watch like a hawk If you watch someone like a hawk, you keep your eyes on them or watch them very carefully.
Sarah watches the children like a hawk when she takes them swimming.
of the first water Something that is of the first water is of the finest or most exceptional quality (like being compared to a diamond).
The violinist gave a performance that was of the first water.
in hot water To say that somebody is in hot water means that they have done something wrong and people are angry with them.
Simon has been in hot water since his boss discovered that he had been using the internet for personal purposes.
(not) hold water If an explanation or argument does not hold water, it does not stand up to critical examination and can be shown to be unfounded.
The reasons given for the government's new measures just do not hold water.
water down If you water down something such as a report, declaration or proposal, you try to make it weaker or less likely to cause anger.
When announcing the rejection of the proposal, he tried to water down the committee's negative comments.
water off a duck's back Criticism or comments which have no effect on someone is referred to as being ''like water off a duck's back'.
He's been warned of the dangers of smoking but it's like water off a duck's back.
water under the bridge If something difficult or unpleasant took place in the past but is no longer important, it is referred to as water under the bridge.
They had a serious disagreement in the past, but that's water under the bridge today.
wave a dead chicken When faced with a serious problem, if you take steps that you  know in advance will be futile, to show that you made an effort, you wave a dead chicken.
The TV set was permanently damaged, but the technician decided to wave a dead chicken to satisfy the old lady before announcing the bad news.
same wavelength If you are on the same wavelength as someone else, you feel the same way about something.
We rarely argue. We're generally on the same wavelength.
wax lyrical When you wax lyrical about something, you speak enthusiastically about it in a poetic or sentimental way.
My grandfather and his friends started to wax lyrical about the 'good old days'.

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