on the wagon Someone who is on the wagon is no longer drinking alcohol.
No wine for me please - I'm on the wagon.
wait for the cat to jump If you wait for the cat to jump, or to see which way the cat jumps, you delay taking action until you see how events will turn out.
Let's wait for the cat to  jump before we decide.
waiting game A person who plays a waiting game delays taking any action or making any decision because they prefer to wait and see how things develop, usually in the hope that this will put them in a stronger position.
Our competitors are not reacting. They're playing a waiting game.
waiting for a raindrop in the drought When someone is waiting for a raindrop in the drought, they are waiting and hoping for something that has little chance of happening.
For many people, finding a job these days is like waiting for a raindrop in the drought.
waiting in the wings If someone is waiting in the wings, they are waiting for an opportunity to take action, especially to replace someone else in their job or position.
There are many young actors waiting in the wings ready to show their talent.
walk all over someone If one person walks all over another, they treat them very badly or unkindly, especially by showing no consideration for their cares or needs.
You must learn to defend yourself.  Don't let him walk all over you!
walk of life A person's profession or position in society is known as their walk of life.
There were people from all walks of life among the protesters.
walk on air When you are happy or excited because of a pleasant event that makes you feel as if you were floating, you are walking on air.
Sophie has been walking on air since her painting won first prize.
walk and chew gum If you can walk and chew gum (at the same time), you are able to do more than one thing at a time.
(This expression is often used negatively to indicate incompetence)
Why did you hire that guy?  He can't walk and chew gum at the same time!
walk on eggshells If you walk on eggshells with someone, you are careful not to hurt or offend them.
She's so sensitive, you have to walk on eggshells with her all the time.
walk into lion's den If you walk into the lion's den, you find yourself in a difficult situation in which you have to face unfriendly or aggressive people.
After the failure of the negotiations, he had to walk into the lion's den and face the Press.
good walls make good neighbours This expression means that respecting one another's privacy helps create a good relationship between neighbours.
We try not to disturb the people next door.  Good walls make good neighbours.
walk a tightrope If a person is walking a tightrope, they are in a difficult or delicate situation where they must act carefully.
The management is walking a tightrope in their efforts both to keep the costs down and satisfy the trade unions.

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