Sweet Idioms a piece of cake- very easy. It's a piece of cake.
as easy as pie- very easy. It was as easy as pie.
like giving candy to a baby- very easy, especially when you do something wrong. It was like giving candy to a baby. (Of course the baby will accept it.)
a fruitcake- really strange crazy, a kind of serious word. She's a fruitcake.
going bananas- becoming crazy, especially with too much to do. I'm going bananas.
nut/ nutty- funny kind of crazy, usually makes you laugh. He's a nut. or He's nutty.
a tough cookie- a tough or strong person, or doesn't show his emotions easily. That man is a tough cookie.
sugar and spice- very sweet, nice, or kind, feminine, (used for girls.) Her daughter is sugar and spice.

Questions and Answers

Find the correct answer on the right. Write the letter in the box. Check your answers at the end of the exercise.

1. That test wasn't difficult at all. It was as easy as .

2. The soldier didn't cry when his friend died. He's a tough .

3. My uncle Joe is so funny when he visits. He's really .

4. I have so much work to do today, I think I'm going .

5. That sweet little girl Teresa is full of and spice.

6. That old lady really thinks a mouse is her son. She's a .

7. Lying to the teacher was like giving to a baby. He accepted my lie easily.

8. My interview was great and so easy. It was a piece of .




a. nutty

b. fruitcake

c. bananas

d. cake

e. candy

f. cookie

g. pie

h. sugar


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