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Think about the animals you know. What are their characteristics?

For example, mules (like the picture on the left) are very stubborn. They don't want to do anything. They won't change their minds easily.

In English, we can compare a person to an animal's characteristic by using "as + adjective (characteristic) + as a(n) animal." So, if Sue is very stubborn, we could say:

"Sue is as stubborn as a mule."

Look at the names of animals below. What do you know about them? Is a bee clever? No, but it is busy. It's always working hard. How about a horse?

bee fox
horse bird
bear rabbit
dog mule
pig mouse

Now use the names of the animals above to guess the idiom.

as clever as a

as busy as a

as stubborn* as a

as strong as a

as quiet as a

as free** as a

as hungry as a

as devoted*** as a

as quick as a

as fat as a

* stubborn- will not change its mind
** free- in this case, free means it can do anything it wants
***devoted- always your friend, no matter what happens


1. Leslie is always doing something. She is as

2. John can pick up a piano. He is as

3. Cassie never says anything. She is as

4. I don't have to work this week. I'm as

5. His secretary was always helping him. She was as


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