Do you remember
Do you remember 

How do they look to the stars 

Warm dreams

Such as white doves 

From the bottom of the deep 

At sea 

The nightingale was singing only = 

The sunset so far 

From the sky 

Do you remember?

And winding road in the fog 

And rustling leaves in the rain 

The voices were shining in the darkness 

Such as the words of love forgotten 

The wind from a new campaign 

Is Tzkrenha?

Do you remember 
The birds were scattered on the day of autumnal 

Like fragments of shattered moon?


That linger in the light of the wax 

Flying and landing on the ground 

Latest Stock 

And the beach in the fog receives 

Amala mute 

Star far far away ....

Do you remember that?

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