You who sat on the sand

Building houses in the imagination 

Sand and fragile in your hands

And you squeeze emotion

Vijr between the fingers of 

Continues in Ancial

If opened to stop Look at 

Do you see something that affects

Nothing but a grain of sands 

Only in the domain 

You who stood on the sand 

Looting of depression and Almlal 

Mourns yours in life

Complains of ill-fate 

Precipitated in the functioning of determination 

Did not achieve a non-Al 

Almsheeb delegations in line 

Temple and a young man you Alqmal 

Re-casting sand from 

Coffee intertwined Alankmal 

Rain, dirt on the slow 

Shed not filled in 

You are suspended tenuous 

The hair without ceremony 

And you want to build castles 

From the air in the sand 

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ساحة النقاش

د .محمد ناصر.



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