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BioWish Technologies has concluded extensive commercial trials in the US, Australia and Southeast Asia, proving the ability of its breakthrough technology to solve excessive odour problems in intensive animal production.

The trials have shown that BioWish™, a proprietary technology that accelerates enzymatic bio-chemical reactions, has the capability to reduce odour emissions in swine, poultry, dairy and beef operations by up to 75%. A world first in odour reduction, the technology removes odour-causing compounds at the source rather than just masking them.

According to BioWish Technologies’ EVP of Animal Agriculture Ian Smith, BioWish™ has the potential to revolutionize odour control and waste management for intensive industries in the US. 

“We have extensive applications here (in the US) and overseas in management of waste on-farm by reducing the strength of effluent, decreasing sludge, enhancing composting, reducing VOC emissions and increasing biogas production.”

The result of over 18 years of research and development, BiOWiSH™ is 100% natural, bio-degradable and safe for everyday use in a diverse range of agricultural, consumer and industrial products, says the company.



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