A perfect teacher tries to develop personal relations with the students,to know their difficulties and to help them in removing their problems.If a student is weak in his studies, he helps him And if a student is intelligent, he encourges him more.
              An ideal teacher should explain every thing to his students nicely and clearly.His method of teaching should be intresting attractive.A good teacher knows that the cause of education can only be served.If there is cooperation between the teachers and the students.


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موقعنـا موقع علمى إجتماعى و أيضاً ثقافـى . موقع متميز لرعاية كل أبنـاء مصر الأوفيـاء، لذا فأنت عالم/ مخترع/مبتكر على الطريق. لا تنس"بلدك مصر في حاجة إلى مزيد من المبدعين". »


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