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Gangrenous (necrotic) dermatitis

Gangrenous (necrotic) dermatitis has been: reported in Europe, N. America, S. America, Middle East, Asia and New Zealand, in broilers and turkeys in broilers between 3-7 weeks old. It is caused by a bacteria- Clostridium septicum, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus. Disease often occurs in birds which are already immunosuppressed due to a prior infection (Chicken anaemia, Infectious Bursal Disease) or mycotoxin ingestion.


Causes of Gangrenous (necrotic) dermatitis

Broilers (over 3 weeks old) and turkeys can be affected by this chronic debilitating disease. It is caused by Clostridium septicum, E. coli and S. aureaus.


Mode of transmission

Transmission is by contact with infected wet, caked litter. The disease often occurs in immunosuppressed birds.


Special note

It causes increased condemnation. Immune depression increases incidence and severity of dermatitis. Immunodepression may be due to a prior infection with IBDV, MDV, ALV or CAV infection(s) or mycotoxin ingestion.

Effects of Gangrenous (necrotic) dermatitis

Loss of feathers, pale combs and wattles, depression, incoordination, inappetence, leg weakness and ataxia (can’t move) can be seen. Mortality is low, but dead birds decompose quickly.

Diagnosis of Gangrenous (necrotic) dermatitis

Diagnosis is by postmortem lesions, which include congestion, haemorrhage and necrosis of skin with intro lesion bacteria under the microscope.


Bacteria can be isolated anaerobically on 2.5% blood agar.


It simulates erysipelas.

Treatment & Control of Gangrenous (necrotic) dermatitis


Clean out house and add new litter to prevent the disease.


Medicate in starter feed Flavomycin, Virginamyciin, Bacitrcin and CTC can reduce bacteria. Virginiamycin and Bacitracin are banned in most countries.


Proper vaccination against IBDV, CAV and MDV prevent mycotoxin formation in the feed, and eliminate ALV in the breeders to prevent immunosuppression.



Erythromycin, penicillin in the feed to treat signs. Chlortetracycine, oxytetracycline, copper sulphate can be added to the water to reduce morbidity.



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