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Folic acid (folacin) deficiency

Folic acid (folacin) deficiency occurrs worldwide in poultry of all ages. It is caused by a deficiency of folic acid in the diet. 

Causes of Folic acid (folacin) deficiency

Folic acid is part of the enzyme system concerned in single-carbon metabolism. It is involved in synthesis of purines and methyl groups of such important metabolites as choline, methionine and thymine. Folic acid, therefore, is required for cell multiplication. A choline, manganese or folic acid deficiency may result in perosis.


Birds of all ages may show symptoms if the diet is deficient in folic acid.


Effects of Folic acid (folacin) deficiency

Perosis is characterised by a slipped tendon, which causes flattening and enlargement of hocks and long bones. This causes long bones to shorten and thicken and the birds become lame.


Poor growth and feathering, anaemia and high embryonic mortality may also occur.


Postmortem lesions

A slipped gastrocnemius tendon (without haemorrhage) is characteristic for the disease.


Diagnosis of Folic acid (folacin) deficiency

Gross lesions and analysis of diet are diagnostic. It simulates tibial dyschondroplasia and other leg weaknesses.

Treatment & Control of Folic acid (folacin) deficiency


Quality control of the diet.



Restore the correct level of the nutrient to the diet. Perosis is extremely common in broilers and turkeys resulting in trimming in the processing plant. Anywhere from 1-10% of the flock can be affected.


Manganese is an activator of several enzymes and is required for normal growth and reproduction and prevention of perosis.


Choline is present in acetylcholine in body phospholipids and acts as a methyl source in synthesis of methyl – containing compounds such as methionine, creatine and N- methylnicotinamide.


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