Story and history of the High Dam in Egypt

High Dam

Aswan High Dam or the Aswan High Dam is a water dam on the River Nile in southern Egypt, was established in the era of Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Soviets participated in its construction. Greatly helped in controlling the flow of water and mitigate the effects of flooding of the Nile. Used to generate electricity in Egypt. 3600 meters length of the dam, the base 980 meters, the top 40 meters, and height 111 meters. Size of the body of the dam 43 million cubic meters of cement and iron and other materials, and can pass through the dam the flow of water up to 11,000 cubic meters of water per second. The construction of the dam in 1960 and has estimated the total cost of one billion dollar write-off one-third by the Soviet Union. Work in the construction of the dam 400 experts Soviet built and completed in 1968. Proved the last 12 electric generator in 1970 and formally opened the dam of Science in 1971. But it has led the High Dam to reduce the fertility of the Nile River and the lack of compensation drains in Damietta and Ras el-Barr silt, which threatens the sinking of the delta after more than a hundred years because of some other factors such as global warming and melting ice north and south poles negative impact of the ozone layer. It should be noted here that the first mention of the construction of this dam is the Arab-Muslim world-Hasan ibn al-Hasan Ibn al-Haytham - (born in 965 AD and died in 1029). And who has not had the opportunity to implement the idea due to lack of necessary machinery for its construction during his reign,

1 Date of dam
2 The effect of dam
2.1 the positive effects
2.2 Negative effects
Dam 3 Higher greatest engineering project twentieth century
Four components of the High Dam
4.1 body of the dam
4.2 Lake Storage
4.3 power plant
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History of the dam
World Bank refused to finance the project
Nationalization of the Suez Canal.
Now follow the High Dam Company hydraulic power stations to produce electricity, which includes along with the Aswan Dam power plant * the first and second power station of Aswan.
The effects of dam
Positive effects
And of the positive effects of the dam higher that work to protect Egypt from the flood and drought as well as Lake Nasser reduce the rush of flood water and are stored for use in drought years.

The work of the High Dam, also on the expansion of agricultural land as a result of the water supply and the horizontal and vertical expansion. He also worked to grow more crops on the ground as a result of water availability, allowing three implants each year.

Also work to generate electricity reported by Egypt economically.

The negative effects
Lake Nasser inundated many Nubian villages in Egypt and most of northern Sudan, which led people to migrate, the so-called Nubian migration.
Deprivation and silt from the Nile Valley flood nutritious soil.
Increase erosion Erosion on the rules of the river facilities.
Erosion of the shores of the Delta.
Some estimates suggest that the amount of evaporation in the waters of Lake Nasser behind the Aswan High Dam is too large as offering a large area of water to the sun in very hot climate, with an estimated size of the loss is similar to Iraq's share of the Euphrates River. In addition to the prevalence of certain plants and their adaptation to new conditions and its contribution in the process of transpiration and thus further loss of water.
Some argue that the High Dam represents a military threat to Egypt, it is difficult to imagine the results that may ensue after the bombing of the dam, and the size of a flood that would befall the Egyptian cities situated on the path of the river, which will be before the flood of dangerous.
High Dam, the greatest engineering project twentieth century

Report released by the World Commission on Dams and large corporations and the values of the High Dam in the lead in all projects.

He exceeded anything else in the architectural and engineering projects chosen by the international body as the greatest engineering project built in the twentieth century. Passing by all the other mega-projects such as airport "doubt Lap Kok" in Hong Kong and the Channel Tunnel linking Britain and France.

The report emphasized, that the dam is higher than 122 projects, a giant in the world. To the achievement of the benefits accrued to the human race have fled to Egypt where the strategic balance in the water after the Nile water from the flood months in vain in the Mediterranean but five billion cubic meters are detained in 2001 ..

Components of the High Dam
 Body of the dam
After studies and global research many designed the High Dam so that it is of the type Alrkamy provider nucleus deaf child and curtain vertical cut-water level the bottom of the dam 85 meters level top of the dam 196 meters length of the dam at the top 3830-meter length of the dam reaches the main of the Nile 520 meters display base of the dam 980 meters display the dam at the top 40 meters vertical depth of the injection curtain 170 meters

 Lake Storage
Water is reserved in front of the High Dam Lake large industrial properties as follows:

Along the lake 500 km average width of 10 km lake storage college 162 billion cubic meters of dead storage capacity 32 billion cubic meters

 Power plant
There is the power plant when it exits the tunnel where the tunnel is divided into two sections each mounted on each turbine to generate electricity: the number of turbines 12 turbines turbine capacity of 175 000 kW total capacity of the plant 2.1 million kWh of electricity produced 10 billion kwh of electricity annually.

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