Role of social service in the care of disabled

Recognition of the rights of children with disabilities and believes his business cards and abilities identified, the Social Service prominent role in this area to be devoted theories and principles that recognize the right of children with disabilities and help them to adapt and integrate with the surrounding environment to become equal with other children. And social service in the care of persons with disabilities the following objectives.

1 - therapeutic goal:

Assist individuals and groups to identify their problems and resolve or at least alleviate, the problems that result from the imbalance between them and the social environment. For example, the creation of institutions through the provision of educational opportunities, vocational and rehabilitation programs, as well as rehabilitation of roads and transport, to suit the needs of the disabled to provide them with better services.

And help them to take advantage of their abilities and potential, and talents to serve the treatment plan for them and open channels of communication with their environment to restore balance and to achieve social acceptance of them first class.

2 - preventive objective:

Determine the location, which may result in imbalance between individuals and groups on the one hand and social surroundings on the other hand, an attempt to prevent this imbalance. For example, the discovery of the deficit early disability and early intervention to them.

3 - Development Goal:

Is the search for the maximum capacity of individuals, groups and communities, in order to activate this energy and strengthened. For example, take advantage of the capabilities of persons with disabilities and employ them in place and provide job opportunities for them to be involved in the process of economic development in their homeland.

Based on these goals, so that specialist social health to achieve the objectives of social service in the care of persons with disabilities must be integrated disciplinary team work of a specialist. The team consists of: a physical therapist, healer to pronounce, and the doctor in charge. That of a specialist social health multiple roles in the field of care for the disabled, including its role in the process of integrating children with disabilities in regular school.

** The role of specialist social health in the process of integration:

The social health worker aims to restore balance and bring about change in the environment and achieving social justice. And start its work through three main axes, namely:

Social intervention with the individual and the family. •

Social intervention with the group. •

Social intervention with the local community. •

And uses the specialist social health in the care of persons with disabilities of all methods of social intervention with the individual and the family, and group and community, a scientific techniques for example the case study, the study of social history of the individual and the family, the interview, to reach the solution of problems faced by the disabled person on a personal level, family and community.

Since our study focused on the integration of child cerebral palsy in the role of the specialist school, we will in this experiment, without addressing the role in the school and with the medical team Qualifying:

We can limit its role in the consolidation process are as follows:

1 - his role with the administration:

The management at the school a big role to accept the idea of having a disabled child (child cerebral palsy) and are convinced the concept of integration, especially that this process needs to requirements and special potential to provide the elements of success such as resource rooms, and mass demonstration on the situation of disabled and engineering equipment specific to the building the school. The management role in the preparation of teachers to deal with children with disabilities in the classroom. Therefore, the health professional social identification of management capabilities, on their willingness to continue this process and provide opportunities for success, which requires him to build a relationship with the trust and cooperation to overcome the difficulties it faces in the process of integration of children cerebral palsy. Accordingly, he must:

- Helps health professional social management and knows the requirements of the merger, through cooperation and coordination with relevant organizations of the social rehabilitation, funding institutions, the Ministries of Health and Social Affairs, and other ...

- To recognize the specialist social health of a child cerebral palsy to determine its needs and woes, according to the condition (light or medium) in collaboration with the doctor concerned, the people of the child and the medical team that is to treat it (if necessary). And all that remains to discuss his case with the Administration and the educational staff to develop a program appropriate for the development of abilities and mastery of his education.

2 - with the educational role:

Located on the teaching staff is a heavy burden in the educational process, so the social health specialist that provides support, so he must:

- Recognize the faculty and their ability and extent of acceptance of children with disabilities in the classroom, and determine the extent of information on the subject of the amalgamation of the collective during the interview and discussions.

- The Health Professional Social preparatory course to provide teachers with information about cerebral palsy, types, and the difficulties experienced by the child, training for the arrival of independence in school, and adapt himself and his comrades, any merger and its importance and benefits of and reflection on the child's life, psychological and social .

- Social health worker focuses on the role of the teaching staff in the process of monitoring the situation of the disabled child and give him enough time or the need to resort to emergency consulted to solve problems in cooperation with the people and management of children with disabilities and the medical team.

- Direct specialist social health through advice and guidance of the teaching staff on how to deal with children with disabilities in school, as an individual in need of support as other children. The goal is to focus on what the disabled child can do more than focus on the disability itself.

- Social health worker follow up the teaching staff and build a relationship of trust and cooperation and respect for them, being a member of the educational team to be able to play its role and to strengthen their positions and their attitudes towards the disabled child (child cerebral palsy).

3 - role of the child with a disability:

- Recognise specialist social health on the health status of children with disabilities, in particular the reasons that led to a disability, their symptoms and effects, also recognizes the possibility of rehabilitation of the child and his ability to merge in a regular school with parents, and the doctor concerned and the Working Group, composed of a physiotherapist, and rehabilitation of speech , and processor busy.

- Recognize the social health worker on a disabled child in the family, and psycho-social status, economic situation of families, all to be taken into account in the process of integration.

- Attend the specialist social health of children with disabilities to enter the school, for example: by watching the film tells the story of a disability income to the school and continued his studies successfully with ordinary children, and know the form of a film about the school and how to navigate.

o the social health worker invited parents at the beginning of the school year accompany their child with disabilities to visit the school in order to identify the class and the parameters and mixing with normal children in the playground to create a positive perception of their status when enter the school.

o gives the specialist social health of children with disabilities information about the difficulties that will face during the school year, for example, his inability to movement as natural, and that is different from ordinary children, and that need special care and follow-up outside the school and the emphasis on the possibility of progress and continuity if he wanted to.

o follow the specialist social health of children with disabilities and assisted in overcoming difficulties, and involvement in solving the problem.

o trained community health worker with disabilities on the social behavior of decent and acceptable in coordination with the teacher and with parents to help them cope in school and in social life.

Support worker health and social style discussion group sessions, and activities designed with children with disabilities and to support and strengthen self-confidence and to change the negative trends and using them as positive, and that help him to change his position on disability and access by the principle of acceptance and adaptation.

4 - role with ordinary children:

o uses a specialist social health in collaboration with the educational, various aids for the preparation of ordinary children to receive child cerebral palsy in the classroom, eg, watching a movie about the life of a disabled child, distribution of books drawing and coloring on the subject of disability, and the novel Comics, and the adoption of dialogue and discussion and expression written by children to learn their views about children with disabilities.

o encourage the social health worker ordinary children to support the disabled child psychologically and socially by talking with him and help him to overcome learning difficulties and play with him and visit him in the house and build a relationship with the natural sound.

o develop social health worker program of visits to social institutions to pick up students at the school in order to accept the existence of a disabled child in school, and to identify the pattern of life of children with disabilities and the difficulties experienced by, and the importance of their self, and to provide a helping hand to him.

5 - role with the child's disability:

- Recognize the social health worker on the family and builds a strong relationship with them based on partnership, respect and mutual trust, and through constant contact and visit them whenever the need arises.

- The establishment of regular meetings monthly, according to the needs of the disabled and capabilities, including parents and teachers to assess the status of children with disabilities and to propose some amendments to deal with him.

- Is a social health worker mothers of children with disabilities to know them a training course in which the disability, types and causes of ..., and the requirements of the process of integrating the disabled child if the injury was mild or moderate mental abilities and determine which would enable it to monitor school performance.

- Social health worker knows the family about the importance of their role in the care of children with disabilities and help them adapt, such as teaching their child disabled since childhood, how to take care of himself and help him to independence through training, eating, dressing and hygiene skill acquisition.

- Social health worker depends on the dynamic technical group and the parents to convey their experience with their child with disabilities to the people of other children, thereby reducing their sense of guilt and uncertainty that surrounds them, thereby reducing their sense of being the cause of disability.

- Follow the specialist social health of children with disabilities within the family and stimulates the parents to build a relationship of trust with their child with disabilities, and to the importance of sense of belonging to the family of love and condescend to him without extravagance, and cooperate with him as an integral whole that is required is access to the full personal development.

- Social health worker knows the family about the assistance that can be obtained through the Ministry of Social Affairs (disability card, which provides his services free health and social), and through social institutions, educational and rehabilitative health care.

- The social health worker educating parents about disability and the difficulty faced by children with disabilities and the need to do risk analysis and the measures necessary to avoid disability and recurrence. It also shows the importance of resorting to treatment and early diagnosis of disability to reduce the negative development.

- Highlights the specialist social health of the people of the importance of following up their child in cooperation with the parameters within the school and with the medical team consisting of a physiotherapist, and processing of speech, and the processor Alancgali outside the institution, a health worker social mediator between them to achieve the integration of roles and to remove obstacles facing the process of integration of child cerebral palsy in school.

- Encourage the social health worker parents about their child with disabilities participate in leisure activities and home visits, trips and shopping excursions, like the other children, because it needs to promote self-confidence that is of the same experiences of other children, and that can adapt to the changes that surround it.

6 - role with the children of ordinary people:

- The social health worker in coordination with the Administration on a series of meetings intended for students of all the people Almadrsphol Integration of child cerebral palsy.

- A social health worker support committee of the people of ordinary children and highlight their role in supporting and having a child with cerebral palsy at the school.

7 - his role with the school staff:

Social health worker knows all the officers and staff • In collaboration with the school administration to receive child cerebral palsy at the school, and the need for good treatment and help according to their abilities, and to provide comments or suggestions to the factor of social health.

Provides specialist health social workers in the school information • about disability and integration as needed.

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