at this stage of the game This expression refers to the current point reached in a process, activity or developing situation.
At this stage of the game I think any further intervention would be unwise. Let's wait and see how things develop. 
at stake Someone who has a lot at stake is in a risky situation, with a lot to be won or lost.
He was nervous about signing the agreement because there was a lot at stake. 
automatic pilot If you are on automatic pilot, you do something without thinking about it or having to pay attention, because you do it regularly.
Fred's on automatic pilot today - he didn't even hear my question!
of no avail Something which is of no avail is not at all helpful or useful.
The coffee machine wouldn't work, and the instruction leaflet was of no avail.  
avowed intent When someone makes a public declaration of their objective or goal, this is their avowed intent.
The avowed intent of the new government is to reduce unemployment. 
a rude awakening If you get a rude awakening, you are forced to accept the unpleasant truth or reality.
She thought Charlie would want her back, but she got a rude awakening - he was already dating another girl. 
away with the fairies Someone who is away with the fairies is in such a dreamy state that they are not totally in touch with reality and give the impression of being slightly mad.
It's no use trying to explain the problem to her - she's away with the fairies! 
have an axe to grind If you have an axe to grind, you have personal reasons for becoming involved in something or adopting a particular attitude.
It was decided that the best candidate would be selected by a recruitment agency who had no axe to grind within the company. 

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