disappear into thin air If someone or something disappears into thin air, they vanish in a mysterious way.
After being accused of embezzlement, the director disappeared into thin air.
dive in headfirst If you begin something enthusiastically, without thinking about the possible consequences, you dive in headfirst.
Tony accepted the project without realizing the time it would take; he always dives in headfirst!
do a disappearing act If someone does a disappearing act, they simply vanish, especially if they have done something wrong or dishonest.
Just before the police arrived, the suspect did a disappearing act.
do a moonlight flit Someone who does a moonlight flit leaves a place quickly and in secret, usually to avoid paying debts.
Just before the rent was due he did a moonlight flit.
do more harm than good If the effect of an action is more damaging than helpful, it does more harm than good.
Giving him money did more harm than good - he spent it on alcohol.
do a good turn If you do someone a good turn, you act in a helpful way.
Mike is a great guy - always ready to do a good turn.
the done thing The correct way to behave in a particular social situation is called the done thing.
Wearing jeans to play golf is not the done thing.
drag your feet If you drag your feet, you delay a decision or participate without any real enthusiasm.
The government is dragging its feet on measures to reduce pollution.
drop names When you drop names, you mention the names of famous people you know or have met in order to impress others.
There goes Jack dropping names again.  People will get tired of listening to him!
eat crow If you eat crow, you admit that you were wrong about something and apologize.
He had no option but to eat crow and admit that his analysis was wrong.
eat dirt If you eat dirt, you are forced to accept another person's bad treatment or insulting remarks.
As a consequence of the strike, the employees had to eat dirt.
eat out of house and home This is a humorous way of saying that someone is eating large quantities of your food.
I stock up with food when my teenage sons invite their friends over. They'd eat you out of house and home!
eat out of someone's hand If you eat out of somebody's hand, you are eager to please and will accept to do anything that person asks.
She is so persuasive that she has people eating out of her hand in no time.
ego trip If you do something primarily to draw attention to yourself and feel important or superior to others, you are on an ego trip.
His speech about creating an association to help the underprivileged was one long ego trip.
err on side of caution When uncertain about what to do, if you err on the side of caution you do more than what is adequate rather than take any risks.
When I'm not sure how much food to prepare, I tend to err on the side of caution and prepare far too much.

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