Most student teachers have a good grasp of the theoretical aspects of teaching that they have learned in teacher's college.

After the strenuous interview process and receiving a contract position they are thrown "into the lion's den". NOW WHAT!!!!

You may feel trepidation, uncertainty and panic. Even experienced teachers, such as myself, have felt that way too on occasion! Please keep in mind, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.



I designed this site to pass on my knowledge and love that I have developed for teaching.

My site is filled with practical day-to-day teaching strategies that work with all types of students in many different situations.

My goal is to make your first few years, less stressful, so that you can truly enjoy yourself and not feel sooo overwhelmed or overloaded.


What Makes a Good Teacher? - (That sure is a loaded question!!)

I truly believe that teaching is "inborn" - You either have it or you don't! Some teachers may beg to differ (which is fine) - You can grow into the profession.




Ask Yourself - Do I have "Natural Abilities" needed to become an effective teacher?


* A genuine care and concern for childrens' welfare and learning needs.

* A desire to develop a real connection with children by creating a wonderful rapport and a real bond between you and them.

* A warm and thoughtful personality, sensitive to your students hopes and dreams.

* A very enthusiastic and an extremely positive attitude.

* A willingness to go that extra mile for any student (even those with behavioural problems).

* And of course, a great sense of humor (wouldn't hurt).


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Yes, there is:

* Tons of marking and lots of work

* Possibly annoying parents (ha!)

* Report Cards

* Administration to deal with

* Behavioral situations and a lot more ....


If you are truly ready to take that risk, look forward to getting to school, ready to reach and teach your students - to have them achieve their goals - to "MAKE A DIFFERENCE" in their lives,

Then and only then, "Go For It". Start using some of the many teaching strategies that have worked for me over the past 33 years - that will be the greatest gift your students will ever receive and you will be on the road to becoming a Wonderful and Successful Teacher.

Try a few teaching strategies at a time - make sure it works for you and your students, then try a few more and so on ...

That's the Good, The Bad and The Ugly in a nutshell - in this profession there is far more GOOD than anything else.

You will realize that teaching is such a rewarding and exhilarating experience.

To me it was a "Natural High" - I retired feeling that way and I still have kept the passion within me and I'll never lose it.


So, What is an Effective Teacher?

An effective teacher has discovered the 7 core teaching strategies that, in my opinion, are essential to know and use.

In addition to the core strategies, please use the navigation bar to read about some of the major topics I discuss, such as student motivation, class management, teacher parent communication, classroom games and parties, etc.etc. etc.

If you're looking for something specific, use the site search feature located on the top right of each page.

As well, links to my latest pages on my priceless teaching strategies are listed below.

Have Fun!!


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