thank one's lucky stars When someone says they can thank their lucky stars, they are expressing heartfelt gratitude or feeling particularly fortunate.
I can thank my lucky stars I wasn't on the train that crashed.
that figures! This expression is used to say that something seems logical or is as expected.
"We'll have to get a bigger car when the baby arrives."  "That figures!"
that's going too far! If you go too far, you do something that is considered extreme or unacceptable.
Stealing is bad, but stealing from a poor person is really going too far!
that make my blood boil! If something makes your blood boil, it makes you really angry.
Her condescending attitude really makes my blood boil!
that makes two of us! This expression indicates agreement with what has just been said.
"I found his speech rather boring."  "That makes two of  us!"
that takes the biscuit! This expression refers to something very annoying or irritating.
After waiting for an hour, we were told there no seats left.  That took the biscuit!
that's the last straw! This expression means that this is the latest unpleasant event and that you cannot tolerate the situation any longer.
After an extremely tiring day, when Joe saw the the traffic jam he said : that's the last straw!
that's the way the ball bounces Things don't always work out as planned, and there's nothing we can do about it - that's life!
He didn't get the prize he expected, but never mind - that's the way the ball bounces!
that's the way the cookie crumbles To say 'that's the way the cookie crumbles' means that is the way things are and nothing can be done about it - that's life!
there for the taking If something is there for the taking, it is easy to obtain.
When our main competitor went out of business, the market segment was there for the taking.
there's one born every minute This expression means that there are many people in the world who are stupid or easily fooled.
He really believed the boy found the money on the street? There's one born every minute!
there wasn't a soul To say that there wasn't a soul means that there was nobody.
We thought the museum would be crowded but there wasn't a soul.
there's no accounting for taste This expression is used to indicate surprise at another person's likes or dislikes.
She fell in love with a guy who's short, fat, bald and poor ... there's no accounting for taste!
there's nothing to it If you say that there's nothing to it, you mean that something is very simple or easy to do.
I'll show you how to make pancakes.  There's nothing to it!
thick as thieves To say that two people are as thick as thieves means that they are very close friends who are very loyal to each other.
Chris always takes Danny's side.  They're as thick as thieves.

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