take shape When something such as a plan or project begins to take shape, it starts to become organized and acquire a definite form.
My new website is beginning to take shape.
take as read Something that does not need to be discussed because it is already understood or agreed upon can be taken as read.
We're getting married in September and you take it as read that you are all invited.
take down a peg If you take someone down a peg, you make that person realize that they are not as important as they think they are.
He was too proud. Somebody had to take him down a peg.
take in good part A person who takes something in good part reacts to it in a good-humoured way, without taking offence.
He got a lot of teasing about his promotion but he took it in good part.
take in your stride When, in a difficult situation, you take things in your stride, you deal with the situation calmly and without any special effort.
When the take-over was announced, Tom stayed calm and took it in his stride.
take lying down If you take something lying down, you suffer as a result of an offensive act without reacting or protesting.
Jack won't take the accusation lying down - he'll fight to defend his reputation.
(not) take no for an answer Someone who will not take no for an answer is very insistent in the way they make their request or offer and is unwilling to accept a refusal.
My grandmother insisted that we stay for dinner and wouldn't take no for an answer.
take offline If you suggest that a subject be taken offline (during a meeting for example), you consider that it is a separate issue and should be discussed at another time.
Peter, you're confusing things, so let's take that offline shall we?
take for a ride To take someone for a ride means to cheat or deceive them.
I discovered he had charged me double the normal fee.  He really took me for a ride!
take a stand If you take a stand, you adopt a firm position on an issue and publicly declare whether or not you support it.
The politician was asked to take a stand on the government's proposed measures to curb illegal immigration.
take steps If you take steps, you start a course of action in order to accomplish something.
The town is taking steps to improve security in public car parks.
take the sting out of something If you take the sting out of something, you manage to reduce the severity or unpleasantness of something.
A comforting voice and sympathetic attitude can take the sting out of bad news.
take stock of the situation If you take stock of a situation you assess all the aspects in order to form an opinion.
He took time to take stock of the situation before making a suggestion.

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