Find it the clew
Nada Amine Awar

When temptation comes
Smoothness stops
A prison is formed 
Anxious and bored
Around the wheel
An obstacle feel
There is an angle
Psychic illness bangle 
Of stressful thoughts
In your accounts
Stop all your shouts
Temptation now
Just let it go
Climb step by step
On your wheel life trip
Keep the circle round
To move around
On your way you will find 
All that suits your mind
If you deserve it
No others fit
To grab and enjoy
Your precious toy
Life is a wit
Journey cannot be quit
Committing suicide
You cannot hide
From the spirit world
Back to life you are over fold
Stop negative view
Find it the clew
Same as the water rotation
Fog, steam, evaporation 
Then back to the river
Flowing forever
There is no extreme
In a balanced theme
Control your focus
On a perfect balance
Simply climb your life wheel
In a harmonious style
It is your own path
Good choice clean breath
Try and take pleasure in
Self-determination win
Free from anxiety
For a prosperous society




المصدر: Find it the clew: a poem by Nada Amine Awar
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