Quality of service to satisfy customer


Section 1

Meaning of quality

   Quality is the most important elements that characterize the restaurants in terms of quality food and quality drinks and quality of provision of food inside the restaurant.
   Given the quality, we find that we have given to this component of great interest because it requires active ingredient and to study the good and the style is special because it will give the look and feel special in what we offer in our restaurant.
Quality: is a group qualities and characteristics of the product or service that lead to their ability to fulfill desires
   I have known several concepts of quality developments going up in the end, to total quality
 In the first phase: The quality means the quality of the product through attention to:
1 - halving the proportion of production
2 - true performance of the work of the first phase.
3 - Measuring the cost of bad production.
4 - To stimulate production workers to adhere to quality requirements.
In the second stage: Associated with quality satisfying the wishes of the client by:
1 - approached from the client.
2 - Understand the needs and expectations
3 - make all the decisions the basis of the wishes of the client
while the third phase: taken as a factor in quality competition by:
1 - making the market the basis of all decisions
2 - to approach the market and customers more than competitors
3 - Understand the competitors and they try to Excellence
4 - Find the reasons for the departure of customers
To get in the end to the overall quality
comprehensive quality is the entrance to the comprehensive development of continuous cover all stages of performance, and is the responsibility of each member of the organization from senior management, administration, departments and work teams in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of the client, including its scope all stages of the operation and even dealing with the customer as the total quality:

1 - Preparation of a strategy to improve quality.
2 - Determining the criteria or standards of quality.
3 - The involvement of all individuals all possible
4 - to maintain professional competence.
5 - Motivate workers

Section 2

Quality food and beverages

   The quality of food and drink of the most important factors for the success of any project, especially if this project is its main purpose depends on the food and drinks is measured by the quality of food products to see how compliance with the law by following the methods come to our quality control from others, both from the Department of research or published references to bodies Process or industrial
There are two methods of measuring the quality of food
1. Personal ways: ways which depend on the sensory evaluation of food products using the human senses (seeing - smelling - tasting - touching - heard)
The sensory evaluation is an important means of solving problems concerning the extent to accept the food as it is beneficial to the improvement and development of product quality and usability for conservation, as well as in the development of new commodities and in marketing research. But flawed by the human senses have a certain extent, also introduces the personal factor in governance, therefore, usually combined with statistical methods and analysis.
2. Methods of non-personal: This depends on the use of devices to measure the properties of both the properties of natural, chemical or microbiological. And the results obtained from such tests show following:
1 - ratios and type of food components included in the combination.
2 - Nutritional value.
3 - The safety of food for health.


The item premium menu is one of the most important basics of restaurants where it reflects the shape and characteristics of the restaurant in terms of the types and quantities of different food and should be in this item premium menu to please the tastes of a large number of people in the food and drinks.

Section 3

Style of service in the restaurant

   First: the importance of customer service in restaurants:  
The art of customer service complementary to the components of the success of the restaurants in order to attract more of them, and in creating a reputation of this place is inherited generation after generation, and usually acquire the restaurant this reputation with its clients or customers as a result of the presence of a body of work and the experiences of those working in the service, and can be summarized in the following
1 - Management firm.
2 - Trained personnel.
3 - The circumstances surrounding the client (Music - beautiful view).
4 - Tools and utensils (a distinctive form - a sign the restaurant).
5 - The psychological state of workers in the restaurant.


1 - A management firm:

   Bearing in mind the hierarchy of all employees in the management of food and beverages, the indicators of good governance are generally associated with the following:
 1-And an example of this comes to be presidents always an example for their subordinates.
 2- Appearance and maintain good hygiene and clothing, your place or restaurant.
 3- Accounting immediate sense of the application of the principle of reward and punishment is immediate, and can be in the form of incentives or discount payments or the granting of certificates of appreciation or write a letter of warning.
 4- Obligation deadlines come and leave according to the schedule of rotations or the so-called shift gives a good impression about the nature of the commitment of the individual and the accuracy of his work.
 5- To provide meals at fixed dates: Any time we will heed the announcement in a clear place on the date of submission of meals, which makes it easier for guest attendance at an appropriate time to get his favorite meal.


2 - Skilled labor:

   And because we are careful in our restaurant to appoint a team of trained workers in the restaurant and inside the kitchen
and trained workers is usually within their attributes:
1- there are no errors during the presentation. And so does not happen and the occurrence of certain foods or drinks during the presentation.
2- Submissions on the tables with a smile and clear - and to avoid any effects of expressing anger that a private customer demand or notice.
3 - Commitment to good order of the pots and cups and silverware on the tables and where sufficient numbers commensurate with the quality of food provided.
 4- To apply for Food and drinks with a sufficient distance between the submitters and reviews, so there is no adhesion or pressure, and if lightly on any part of the body of customers.
 5- Commitment to the restaurant, dressed in the specified order to give a good impression of the level of service and the art in this place


3 - The circumstances surrounding the work:

   The creation of the atmosphere at the restaurant - or Ocean dining table which gives the impression not forget about this restaurant, and from this:
1 - the presence of music: whether it be through the presence of players or through the presence of registration for a certain number of pieces of soft music.
 2- Lighting: adequate lighting, whether from natural sources (indirect) or industrial sources multiple different strengths and qualities and colors gives the often private nature of the restaurant from the other, has been placed on the table or next to one of these sources and may also provide some tables qualities of a good .. So as not to cause poor quality in the emission of smoke is harmful to health.
3- smells of industrial or natural: with assumption-free place of any kind of odors is desired, it will provide restaurant sources give off the smell good naturally, which can be done with the presence of some of the natural flower-smelling smart - and can be replaced also the type of freshener industrial to give off the smell (Word - Phil .. etc) with emphasis on the completion of the entry, such as customer.


4 - The psychological state of workers:

   Has already been talk that the preferred provider's foods in hotels and restaurants that look on their faces smile at the interview and provide food for guests and this comes through:
1 - to provide accommodation for workers and their families.
2 - Provide proper nutrition and integrated them.
3 - Providing health care for workers and their families.
4 - Payment of salaries or allowances cover these needs if was not available at the level of the place.
5 - The presence of social workers to work in restaurants to avoid the problems and obstacles that affect the situation of workers, and notify senior management so as to continuously rectify the matter.
6 - Labor that is ready for action in cases of necessity is replaced with other who do not meet the conditions of fitness and appearance and the psychological state of good.

Section 4

How to improve restaurant sales


   Restaurants are one of the more difficult business models to profit from. While margins may be tight, there are some restaurants that have managed to make a considerable return on investment. The challenge is determining what to change in order to improve restaurant sales. Outside of finding ways to increase marketing and patronage, restaurant managers must find ways to up sell the most profitable items on the menu
To improve restaurant sales at your establishment starts with your wait staff.

1-Train your waitresses and waiters to sell menu items to customers when they take the order. This is the best place to begin to increase sales.
Offer specials and incentives on saving that make customers want to come to eat at your restaurant.

2-An early bird lunch or dinner special is always popular with seniors or working families.

3-Advertise through the local newspaper and radio stations to increase visibility.

4- Have a unique kid's menu as many families like to take their children out of eat with them. Children help sell food items that appeal to them.

5-Create a flyer or newsletter to send to customers about new specials and drinks on the menu.

6-Train staff to be friendly and helpful to customers.
Finally find a way to get customer feedback on food and service.  Find ways to solve problems that arise in a creative and positive way.


1. Start with training wait staff to up sell the menu

items.  When taking orders they can suggest appetizers and drinks to begin. Teach staff to describe specials to create a desire in the customer to buy them. Staff can sell soup and salads by describing how well they go with the meal. Photos and place cards of new food items sometimes help to make the sale.  After customers finish the main entree, staff can suggest coffee and dessert to increase sales. For those on diets suggest lighter endings like fruit sorbet or jelly with coffee. For families with kids, train staff to sell to the kids by describing the great hamburgers or fries that is served at the restaurant. If you have a large selection of beer and wine, let the customers know about the choices available.

2. Create early bird lunch or dinner specials that entice customers to come in. A great special with soup, salad, main entree, vegetables, potato, dessert and coffee included drives sales.  Prepare healthy alternatives for customers that can't have fat, salt, and sugar in excess. They will appreciate your effort and it will increase sales to the large market of consumers on special diets. Teach chefs to offer low-fat entrees, light desserts and healthy choices to customers.

3. Advertise in your local newspaper to give your
restaurant visibility. Try local radio spots to catch customers that listen to certain radio stations. Audio is an effective tool for describing food. Advertise in local church and community bulletins that reach people who may not know about you. Someone might think of eating lunch at your restaurant after attending Sunday church service and reading an ad in the bulletin.

4. Create a children's menu with items that children
enjoy eating.  Hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza slices, macaroni and cheese, soups and sandwiches.  Offering some special dessert items like ice cream or pudding creates a fun atmosphere for everyone. Most children love dessert so have some on the menu.

5. Create a flyer or newsletter to send to customers about new specials and drinks on the menu. Be sure to get a mailing list of customers when they come to your restaurant and are willing to give you the information.

6. Train staff to be friendly and helpful to customers.
Teach them to sell but not be overly aggressive or pushy. All these combined efforts will increase sales in the restaurant.

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