Host reaction of Iraqi wheat cultivars and     hybrid lines to bunt causal agent.                                                                                                 

           M.A. AL-Hamdany, J. A. Sabar, H.A Abas, H.Y.Yousif M. Sh. Khatar and N.R. Shuraida

 Iraqi J. Agric.2010,  15(2):169-175.              




          Host reaction of 24 Iraqi registered and released wheat cultivars along with 34 hybrid lines [F6 of (Mexipak X R-24) X Saber beg with the causal agents of wheat bunt (Tilletia tritici and T. laevis) were investigated. The seeds were inoculated with teliospores (0.5 g/ 100 wheat seeds and planted in wet soil at Tuwaitha and Zuffrania Experimental Stations in 2005-2007 seasons. Data of disease response of Iraqi cultivars revealed that almost all the Iraqi bread wheat cultivars including the landraces cultivars are highly susceptible. Disease incidence of these cultivars ranged from 71.83 in Abo-Ghraib 3 to 30.07% in Babil 113. However, Mexipak, Salii and Waha- Al-Iraq showed moderate susceptible to susceptible reactions. Similar results were observed on the hybrid lines, where 29 are highly susceptible, 4 are susceptible and one line showed moderate susceptible reaction. Thus, the percentages of disease response of the tested wheat genotypes were, 87.04, 7.41, 3.70, and 1.85 for highly susceptible, susceptible, moderate susceptible and resistant reactions respectively based on slightly modified scale suitable for Iraq.                    












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