Can you forgive me again ,
I dont know what I said ,
But I didn't mean to hurt you ...
I heard the words coming out ,
I thought that I would die for so much to hurt you
Then you look at me , you're not shouting anymore
you're silently broken.
I'll give anything now to kill those words for you
Each time I say something I regret, I cry ,
I don't want to lose you
but somehow I know that you will never leave me
Cause you were made for me , somehow I'll make you see
How happy you make me , ooh
I can't live this life , without you by my side
I need you to servive
So stay with me , you look in my eyes
And I'm screaming inside that I'm S-O-R-R-Y

And you forgive me again
You're my one true friend
And I never meant to hurt you

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