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Have you heard about "tree" bombs, before?: An amazing idea for the use of aircraft in agriculture


 Where will C-130 aircraft be  after the military service?
 Part of which will go to a cemetery in the aircraft waiting for destruction or sale to third world countries (we probably!), But others are waiting for a completely different  future , Instead of throwing mine, aircraft well inject  forests and trees in every sense of the word!!
 Aircraft will be loaded with seedlings of trees that will be "thrown" over the desert areas, penetrating the soil to grow trees, which turned the desert into a forest!!
 To imagine the intelligence of this idea, each aircraft will be able to plant around 900,000 trees per day!!
 This aircraft is used primarily to transport troops and includes a huge bomb container used for the deployment of mines over large areas in time of war, but the pilot, Jack Walter 37 years ago suggested the use of aircraft to sow seeds to large areas quickly and piercing!!
 The necessary technology to achieve this idea 37 years ago were not available, but now are available, so adopted by Lockheed Martin (giant military industries) and this technology has already begun to implement on the ground!
 Bombs containing trees on private capsules each capsule contains the seedlings of a tree, and the outer casing is composed of materials to absorb water vapor from the air to irrigate the roots of the plant!
 The exciting thing is that a capsule designed to allow the seedling to penetrate the soil at a depth of collision corresponds to that of the average farmer puts it!
 Professional farmer can plant 1500 trees a day, so we need 20 working farms professional for a full month to plant what grows using C-130 aircraft sorties in just one!!
 And if the activation of this method over a large would be enough to plant a billion trees every year, what would be very positive on global warming, diminishing the rate of a second carbon dioxide, it is worth mentioning that this method needs a special environment for agriculture, and often the environment that was planted day, but exposed to desertification.
A great idea to give a new spirit of military machinery of mass effect in human really!
 Egypt has a number of these aircraft (C-130) - first-generation ones -
Used in various sectors of the army, especially in transportation,
 Could be cooperation between the ministries of agriculture and defense manufacturing that Agricultural capsulate especially as we have Agricultural Research Center in Egypt,
That the selection of varieties of agricultural seedlings, which are commensurate with the nature and climate of the Sinai desert (the area north and south) where there is soil rich in iron as well as the flood waters of seasonal and some sources of groundwater which able to Germination some types of fodder trees, which already present and were applied successfully in areas of the southern coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
 So what do we need? Nothing is only followed through

sameh farouk - [email protected].

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