Global warming and the transformation of atmospheric circulation - egypt


Follow-up to Floods, Republic of Egypt, which occurred

in early 2010, attacking torrents Upper Egypt in the southern province of Aswan, as well as the northern Sinai town of El Arish and Rafah to the borders of Gaza, where I was a member of the committee studying floods, formed by the General Union of Egyptian engineers to study flooding and provide scientific support necessary and regardless of the damage and disasters resulting from mismanagement of dealing with disasters and violations of construction within the rain spillways and wasting so much flood water without investing actual or even management have been observed removing a time in the timing of flooding similar to seasonal as well as in water and rates Our study is based on the idea of process
 Transformation of atmospheric circulation that caused flooding on Bangladesh, traveling to West Africa with the vulnerability of Egypt to the flooding in the coming years.
It follows that the study process it is clear that Egypt, in accordance with the rates of the world beyond the reach of rapid climate change, but close to climate change, limited and of desertification and the scarcity of rainfall in the areas around both sides of the Eastern Desert and Western Desert, but the resources of surface water, the River Nile will be affected rapid climatic changes and when the Central Highlands of the African continent in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and the Great Lakes and Lake Victoria and along the lines cross Bangladesh, China, which is approaching the equator. Hence, we can expect an increase in the amounts of rain falling on the highlands of Central Africa that feed the Nile River, as well as the possibility that Egypt had been flash floods on the highlands on the Red Sea, which would increase the stock of water behind the High Dam and the opening of the spillways gates to feed the stock underground Western Sahara or exchange in the Mediterranean Sea.

Has been seen in the floods, which fell to Aswan and North Sinai in Egypt 2010.
The historical study of the cycle of climate around the globe, where the rains and floods fall into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and feed underground reservoir, but it subsided and became Abanngladec then south and west of China and, therefore, does not mind that these so atmospheric circulation in the west to Africa, especially when the amounts of flood Down on Latin America and Africa, separated from the Atlantic Ocean, which produces streams carry and pull. It is possible, therefore, goes to Africa and fall by the copious amounts of rain and floods to feed rivers and aquifers, as was the case in Egypt since about 100 thousand years of age rainy season, which left the reservoir water in Western Sahara and the desert of Chad and the Libyan Sahara and the Algerian Sahara.  then, thir`s no need to fear the impact of climate change on surface water resources

because egypt has a large inventory of water in front of the High Dam can cover the water shortage in over years as well as contain the Western Sahara, an ample supply of water in the aquifer of the Nubian, and the establishment of Egyptian authorities work programs to maximize the water point, and the presence of the High Dam and depressions Toshka to protect Egypt from the flooding of high as well as the work of an ambitious plan in cooperation with developed countries in the work of early warning through climate change monitoring and forecasting the location, rainfall, flooding and wind to reduce the losses that can that result from such devastating floods or severe drought.

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