Nutritive ingredient:   So far, Spirulina is a natural nutrition subsidiary food with the richest and the most balanced nutrition. It contains the entire daily essential protein for human. What’s the most important is that the protein is composed of balanced amino acid, and some of them are not easily to get from other food. In addition, Spirulina can be easily assimilated and digested.]★ Protein: Spirulina contains as high as 60-70% of protein, which is three times to that of beef, four times to pork liver, six times to egg, and ten times to rice. Eighteen kinds of amino acid constitute the protein in Spirulina, and 8 kinds of them are necessary to human. The ratio of the eighteen kinds of amino acid is similar to the ratio of human’s assimilation.  ★β- Carotenoids: The β- Carotenoids in Spirulina is fifteen times to carrot, and forty to sixty times to spinach. β- Carotenoids is the precursor of vitamin; it can be broken down by enzyme and change to vitamin A, which is the important ingredient for human’s growth.★Vitamin: There are vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B11, B12, C, E contained in Spirulina. The varieties of Vitamin B have their special and unique function; lack of any one of them may leads to disease.★Fatty acid: Spirulina contains much GLA, which has the ability of promoting the assimilation of Ca, improving immunity, preventing from disorder of metabolism and slowing down the process of getting old.★ Ferment: Amylose has a great effect on radio resistance, and through improving human immunity to control the increase of cancer cells indirectly. Besides, Spirulina amylose can make the blood SOD more active, and effectively keep human young.★ Minerals and microelement: Spirulina contains many human essential microelement, such as Ca, Mg, Na, K, P, I, Se, Fe, Cu, Zn, etc. Lack of Fe may lead to anemia, and Se can activate repair enzyme of DNA, stimulate the produce of immune globulin and antibody, and finally prevent cancer.★ Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll helps to remove harmful chemical substances, heavy metal and pollutant. Also, chlorophyll can neutralize toxin in blood, release the burden of liver. Analysis on nutritive structure: Nutrition in one gram of Spirulina is equal to that in the sum of 1000 gram of vegetable and fruit. Details of nutritive ingredient in every 100 gram of Spirulina are as follows: protein 60-70g, carbohydrate 5-10g, fat 1-3g, fiber 2-4g, vitamin B1 15-40mg, vitamin B2 30-50mg, vitamin B3 14-200mg, vitamin B6 0.5-1mg. Vitamin B12 0.1-0.2mg, Vitamin C 1.4mg, vitamin E 5-20mg. Vitamin PP 305mg, folic acid 0.05mg, inositol 40-100mg, pantothenic acid 1mg, nucleic acid 3-4g, Ca 600-1200mg, Mg 200-600mg, Fe 200-300mg, Zn 200-300mg, Se 10-20mg, Ge 2-10mg, K 1000-2000mg, chlorophyll 800-2000mg, β- carotenoids 500-900mg, leucocyan 1500-6000mg, polysaccharides 3g, GLA 800-1500mg, phycocyanin 6000-11000mg, SOD 20-60 thousand units.          Structure analysis sheet Sheet-1Physicochemical Property and Main Ingredients of Spirulina Powder
Physicochemical Property
External appearance Powder  
Color Dark green  
Smell Mild, fishy odor  
Bulk density 0.5g/L  
Size of grain 9~25μ  
Chemical ingredient Minimum Maximum
Water 4.0% 7.0%
ash content 6.4% 9.0%
Protein 60.0% 71.0%
Coarse fiber 0.1% 0.9%
Xanthophyll 1.4g/kg 1.8g/kg
β-carotenoids 1.5g/kg 1.9g/kg
Chlorophyll-α 6.1g/kg 7.6g/kg
  Sheet-2Nitrogen, Crude Protein and Amino Acid in Spirulina
Tested item Minimum (%) Maximum (%)
Total organic nitrogen 10.84 13.35
Protein nitrogen 9.60 11.36
Crude protein (6.25×N%) 60.00 71.00
Essential amino acid:    
isoleucine (Ile) 3.69 4.13
leucine (Leu) 5.56 5.80
Lysine (Lys) 2.96 4.00
methionine (Met) 1.59 2.17
Phenyl alanine (Phl) 2.77 3.95
threonine (Thr) 3.18 4.17
tryptophan (Try) 0.82 1.13
valine (Val) 4.20 6.00
Non-essential amino acid:    
lactamine (Ala) 4.97 5.82
arginine (Arg) 4.46 5.98
aspartic acid (Asp) 5.97 6.43
cystine (Cys) 0.56 0.67
glutamic acid (Glu) 8.94 9.81
glycin (Gly) 3.17 3.46
histidine (His) 0.89 1.08
proline (Pro) 2.68 2.97
serine (Ser) 3.18 4.00
 Sheet-3Nutritive Value of Spirulina Protein & available Lysine and nucleic acid
Observed Item Minimum Maximum
Effective ratio of albumen 2.2 2.6
  (equal to 74~87% of casein)
Net protein utilization 53% 61%
  (equal to 85~92% of casein)
Digestibility 83% 84%
Available lysine (average) 85%
N in nucleic acid 1.25% 1.99%
RNA (RNA=2.18×N%) 2.2% 3.5%
DNA (DNA=2.638×N%) 0.65% 1.00%
  Sheet-4Kinds of Lipoid Compound in Spirulina Powder
Tested Item Minimum Maximum
Total lipoid substance (%) 6.0 7.0
Fatty acid (%) 4.9 5.7
Saturated fatty acid:(mg/kg)    
Lauric acid (C12) 180 229
Myristate (C14) 520 644
Hexadecanoic acid (C16) 16,500 21,141
Unsaturated fatty acid:(mg/kg)    
Palmitoleic acid (C16) 1,490 2,035
Palmitoleic linolenic acid (C16) 1,750 2,565
Margaric acid (C17) 90 142
Stearic acid (C18)   353
Oleic acid (C18) 1,970 3,009
Linolic acid (C18:2ω-6,essential) 10,920 13,784
GLA(C18:3ω-6,essential) 8,750 11,970
α- linolenic acid (C18:3ω-3) 160 427
Other: 699 7,000
Sterine 100 325
Ethanol 500 800
Carotenoids 2900 4000
Chlorophyll α 6100 7600
Other 150 1400
 Sheet-5Constitution of Sterol in Spirulina powder
Observed Item Minimum (mg/kg) Maximum (mg/kg)
Total sterol 100 325
Cholesterin 60 196
Sitosterol 30 97
Cholestene 7013 10 32
     Sheet-6Constitution of Vitamin in Spirulina Powder
Ingredients Amount Ingredients Amount
VitB1 55 Tocopherol (Vit E) 190
VitB2 40 Carotenoids (total) 4000
VitB6 3 α- carotene  
VitB12 2 β- carotene 1700
Pantothenic acid 11 Xanthin (total) 1600
Folic acid 0.5 Cryptoflavin 556
Nicotinic acid 118 Myoxanthin 439
Inositol 350 Zeaxanthin 316
Biotin (H) 0.4 Corporin 289
  Sheet-7Constitution of Carbohydrate in Spirulina Powder
Total carbohydrate (average) 16.0
Rhamnose 9.0
Hyskon 1.5
Phosphorylative cyclitol 2.5
Glucamine & muramic acid 2.0
Glycogen 0.5
Siastatin and others 0.5
  Sheet-8Constitution of Chemical Ingredients in Spirulina Powder (mg/kg)
Ingredients Minimum Maximum
Ca 1045 1315
P 7617 8942
Fe 475 580
Na 275 412
Cl 4000 4400
Mg 1410 1915
Mn 18 25
Zn 27 39
K 13305 15400
Others 36000 57000



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