Spirulina also called blue algae, which is a kind of spiral-shaped algae. In the global biological resources, its nutritional composition and physiological activity substances are the most abundant, the most comprehensive and the most balanced. It has been known as the "nutrition warehouse for Life." Its use has increased from purely animal feed to the nutrient food for human, medical care and health food products. At present, more than 60 countries around the world have found that it is the nutrient food for human. The use of spirulina can be divided into the following types:  Materials1 dry powder of spirulina: After harvest, by drying, sterilization and other techniques, the spirulina can be made into food-level or drug-level product. Only for the dehydration and natural, it can be made into feed.2 Spirulina original solutions: The products processed by dry powder of spirulina are reaching food and drug level.3 Spirulina original powders: The products processed by spirulina original solution are reaching food and drug level.  Solid food1 Spirulina small food: The Spirulina small food Use Spirulina powder with food-grade or original powder as additives, and scientific formula.More popular at home and abroad as follows: Spirulina nutrition rice noodles, Spirulina nutrition bread, Spirulina biscuits, Spirulina gums, Spirulina jelly, spirulina chocolate, Spirulina cookies, Spirulina health salt and plant crushed dried pork.2 spirulina tablets (block): In order to facilitating people's consumption, spirulina processing plants at home and abroad often processes Spirulina powder into tablets (pills, blocks).3 Spirulina capsules: Spirulina capsules with a similar flavor of dried purple seaweed, smell fragrance, eat conveniently and safely, and are easily digest and absorb;4 Spirulina instant granules: the products using special technology to remove the fishy smell have good instant and preserve high rate of nutrients.5 Spirulina additives: Fortified protein additives, natural blue pigment additive etc.   Drinks1 Original flavor drinks: liquid beverages and beverages granules2 Amino acid drinks: compound amino acid drinks, relatively simple amino acid drinks3 Fruity mixed drinks: Spirulina mango juice drink, spirulina watermelon juice, spirulina grape juice drink, spirulina passion fruit drinks and so on;4 varieties of mixed drinks: Spirulina natural beverages, pearl color spirulina tablets beverages, and a variety of Spirulina mixed vegetables sap beverages, and Spirulina mixed many kinds of plant sap and animal drinks;5 Functional Beverage: Spirulina tea beverages, Spirulina American ginseng drinks, spirulina medlar drinks and so on;6 Liquor and beer: Spirulina nutrition Liquor, spirulina beer, healthy beer, Super nutrition and health beer.   chemicals, health-care products and pharmaceuticals1 Chemical Products: phycobilisomes, phycobiliprotein, chlorophyll sodium copper, zeaxanthin (yellow), Lanxi algae genistein B (orange-red), β-carotene, γ-linolenic acid, DNA endonuclease enzymes and so on;2 Health care products: platensis Spirulina nutrition yogurt,algae vitamins, algae-vitamin calcium effervescent tablets and so on;3 Cosmetics: In France and Germany, spirulina tablets or powder are used for slimming beauty. Our country has also produced Spirulina mask powder and spirulina soap block;4 Drugs: Fluorescence molecular probes, Spirulina lipid, Anti-diabetic agents, the new high-tech anti-cancer products - Spirulina polysaccharides, phycocyanin and so on.

 feed1 Mixed feed: feed-grade Spirulina powder as additives, using scientific formula made into mixed feed, feeding young shrimps, young crabs, young eels, or added 1-2% spirulina powder in the feed of laying hens and meat chicken feed will achieve marked results.2 Feed additives: High nutrient feed additive-cyanobacteria pith.

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