Turkey invades northern Syria and the West timidly condemns


I do not pretend that I understand in the military, but I may  ask if the Turkish intervention justifiable especially Turkey bears the expenses of sheltering three and a half million Syrian refugees from the full hosting and at the same time  EU countries refused to accept to host these people 

The most important question is: Does applying force solves problems between countries and where is the world s conscience?

  From what seems to me that the global conscience still in the summer holiday, but and at the same time, can we consider the force is capable of solving intractable problems such as the current one and the Western world condemns but does not offer solutions.However we may ask the similar situation and series one ,what can Egypt do in front of  the authority  of Ethiopia and its stubborn? The problem is to store water for no more than three years without regard to the interests of the Egyptian people

Yes, the case in of Egypt is the life or death of the people, whose population is more than one hundred millions inhabitants 


The solution:


Kill whoever wants to kill you in other words the war to preserve Egypt's right to the Nile water, especially since the global conscience can no longer trigger conflicts or  offer serious practical solutions to thorny problems and therefore the truly answer lies in the ability of the Egyptian soldiers to make water flow in the land of Egypt 

The weapon has the ability to force Ethiopian authority  to listen of the voice of Egyptians and to learn that impossibility to starve the Egyptians. Here I may remind Ethiopia to read Egypt history and there will learn the following :Egypt  is not Ethiopia which is suffering from internal conflicts beside the Egyptians will rally around its army no matter what differences and contradictions. The reason is simple: Egypt did not learn to bow to any country. 


Dr. Hassan Dahab


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