Monitoring of Glass Eel Recruitment

Volume 2B: Country Reports southern part


Willem Dekker

This report contains two volumes. Volume 1 provides the framework, the international aspects of eel stock management and glass eel monitoring and provides a thematic overview of glass eel monitoring ( existent and optional) in all countries. Volume 2 (of which this volume constitutes the second half) includes a chapter for each participating country, in which fully detailed description of the local situation is presented.

Volume 1 presents a thematic overview. Following an introduction to the background and aims of this project (chapter 1) and the biology of eel (chapter2), Chapter 3 provides an overview of all monitoring sites and chapter 4 of all monitoring gear. The different sources of information are presented in chapter 5, while chapter 7 discusses the responsibilities and management frameworks for recruitment-monitoring. Spatial and temporal consistency issues are dealt with in chapter 6. Historical time series of the existing monitoring stations are presented in chapter 9. Financial costs of the proposed monitoring network have been budgeted in chapter 8. Finally, chapter 10 summarises the achievements of this project and makes recommendations.

Volume 2A contains the country reports for Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. Volume 2B (this volume) covers Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

Table of Contents

-    Executive summary

- Monitoring of Glass Eell Recruitment in Belgium

- Monutoring of Glass Eell Recruitment in France       

- Monutoring of Glass Eell Recruitment in Portugal       

- Monutoring of Glass Eell Recruitment in Italy       

- Monutoring of Glass Eell Recruitment in Greece       

- Monutoring of Glass Eell Recruitment in Turkey

Prep. / Ayman Ashry

Rev.& manage.  / Zeinab Osman


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