Fish Diversity and Dam Ecosystem


.DR. Sunil Eknath Shinde, Dr. Pathan T.S

 And Dr. Sandeep Roopsing Rathod


          This book "Fish Diversity and Dam Ecosystem" has been designed to help the correlation study between fish diversity and water parameters, students to understand the subject easily also get the practical information about water analysis method.

 The book is planned to fulfil the long felt need of Environment, Zoology student and also for research student at the graduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. levels of all Indian universities. It is written in most simple and articulate language supplemented with well-illustrated diagrams.

 The book has been divided into five chapters. The first is an introductory chapter describing the terminology and general descriptions of water and fishes. Then second chapter is Study area and Sampling sites in which give the information about study area and sampling stations. Then there are two next chapters: Physico-chemical parameters and Fish Diversity. In each section have been classified and described under the following headings: Introduction, Material and Methods and Results. Then next fifth chapter is Conclusion.

 This book is adequately illustrated with the line diagram of fishes and there are also specially compiled table and graph to assist the reader in readily grasping the essential points discussed in the text. In fact, no pains have been spared to make the book as attractive and appealing to the students as possible and we hope that we have been able to provide a complete guide to students, which will not only be help in their class-work but will also give them better practical study of the subject. If the book should be equally useful to teachers, laboratory of pollution department and research students, we would feel amply rewarded for his efforts.


1 – Introduction

2 – Study Area and Sampling Sites

3 – Physico-chemical Parameters

4 – Fish Diversity

5 – Conclusion

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 Prep. / Ayman Ashry

Manage. / Mona Mahmoud

المصدر: Discovery Publishing House PVT. LTD. New Delhi
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