LYN:Excuse me. Howmuch do you want for this bowl? 

OWNER:Let’s see. Hmm... That’s an outstanding piece of Depression glass --- 

in perfect shape. It’s worth 150 bucks. 

LYN:A hundred and fiftydollars! Oh, I couldn’t possiblypaythat much. 

It’s a shame. It’s reallynice. 

OWNER:Hold on, lady. I said it was worth 150 bucks I’m onlyasking $115. 

LYN:A hundred and fifteen dollars? 

OWNER:Yeah, it’s a real bargain 

LYN:Oh I’m sure it is. But I can’t afford that 

OWNER: Well, look. Tell you what I’ll do. I’ll make it an even $100. 

I can’t go anylower than that. 

LYN:I’ll give you $65. 

OWNER:Sixty- five! Come on, lady. You ’ve got to be kidding. I paid more than 

that for it myself. Take it for $90. It’s worth everypenny. 

LYN: Well, maybe I could give you $75. 

OWNER:Eighty-five. That’s my final price. 


OWNER:Make it $83. 

LYN:OK. Eighty-three. 

OWNER:Let me wrap it up for you. There you are, lady----- a real bargain 

LYN:Yeah, thanksa lot 


BARGAINING- Something offered or acquired at a price advantageous to 

the buyer 

BARGAIN- An advantageous purchase 

BUCK- A dollar 

OUTSTANDING- distinguished from others in excellence 

DEPRESSION- basin, bowl 

PENNY-In the United States and Canada, the coin that is worth one cent 

EVEN -Having an exact amount, extent, or number; precise 


Howmuch do you want for this bowl? 

·  It’s worth 150 bucks. 

I couldn’t possiblypayfor that! 

It’s veryexpensive. 

The price is too high. 

I couldn’t afford it. 


A:How______do you want for the bowl? 

B:Its_________ $75. 

A:A hundred and fifteen __________? 

B:Yeah, it’s a real ________. 

A:Oh I’m sure it is. But I can’t _________ that. 

A:Let me _____ it up for you. There you are, lady----- a real bargain 

B:Yeah, ________ a lot. 


1.  Do you knowhowto ask discount in a store? Howdo you do it? 

2.  Do you always make a bargain when you buyin a store? Why? 

3.  Where do you go when you look for bargains? 

4.  Do you think bargains usuallyhave lowqualitythan those items which are 

not bargains? Prove or defend your answer. 

5.  What can you sayabout the dialogue? 

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