Customer: Excuse me. Can you help me? 

Employee: Yes.

Customer: Where is the fruit?

Employee: Fruit is in aisle three next to the bread.

Customer: What about ice cream?

Employee: Ice cream is in aisle seven.

Customer: Thank you very much. 

Dialogue 2

Customer: Excuse me. I am looking for the frozen food aisle. Could you tell me 

where it is? 

Employee: It’s on aisle three next to the bread. 

Customer: Thank you!

Dialogue 3

Employee: Hi! May I help you?   

Customer: Yes. Do you have any sales today?

Employee: Yes, we do. The apples, bananas and the oranges are on sale for a dollar 


Customer: Where is the fruit aisle? 

Employee: It’s on aisle five next to the frozen food aisle.

Customer: Thank you! 

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