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Dialogue 1

A: What do you want to buy?

B: I want to buy a jacket, how about you? 

A: I want to buy a pair of shorts. 

B: OK, let’s go try them on.  

Dialogue 2

Sales Clerk: May I help you?

Customer: Yes, I am looking for a red T-shirt.

Sales Clerk: What size are you looking for?

Customer: I am looking for a large.

Sales Clerk: Well, here are our T-shirts. This is a red one in a large.

Customer: May I try it on? 

Sales Clerk: Yes, the fitting room is over there. 

Customer: Thank you! 

Dialogue 3 

Customer: Excuse me, could you tell me how much this skirt is? 

Sales Clerk: Let me see. It’s fifteen dollars.

Customer: Do you have a larger size ? 

Sales Clerk: Yes, we do. We have a medium and a large.

Customer: May I see the large? 

Sales Clerk: Yes. Here it is. 

Customer: Thank you!

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