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Airport Dialogue: 

Dialogue 1: Checking in

Agent: Hello, where are you flying today?

Passenger: I am flying to San Francisco. 

Agent: May I please see your passport? 

Passenger: Here you are. 

Agent: Will you be checking any luggage? 

Passenger: Yes, I have two suitcases. 

Agent: Do you have any carry-ons?

Passenger: Yes, my brief case and my laptop bag.

Agent: Do you want a window seat or an aisle seat? 

Passenger: I would like a window seat. 

Agent: Here is your boarding pass and your gate is A13. Have a pleasant flight !


Dialogue 2

In Flight: 

Flight attendant: Would you like something to drink? 

Passenger: I would like a Coke.

Flight attendant: Would you like a snack?

Passenger: Sure. I would like some peanuts. 

Flight attendant: Would you like chicken or beef? 

Passenger: I would like chicken. 

Flight attendant: Would you like something to drink? 

Passenger: I would like some orange juice. 

Passenger: Excuse me. May I get a blanket? 

Flight attendant: Sure. I will be right back. 

Passenger: May I have a pack of cards? 

Flight attendant: Sorry, we don’t have any available right now. 

Passenger: Excuse me. Do you have any medicine for a stomachache?  

Flight attendant: Yes, we do. I can get you some. 

Flight attendant: Do you have a US passport or a green card? 

Passenger: No, I don’t have either.

Flight attendant: Please fill out this immigration form and the claim form for your 


Passenger: Can you help me fill this out? 

Flight attendant: Sure, no problem. 

Dialogue 3

Arriving- Customs

Customs Agent: May I see your passport please?

Passenger: Here you are.

Customs Agent: How long are you staying in America? 

Passenger: Two weeks.

Customs Agent: What is the purpose of your visit?

Passenger: I am here sightseeing.

Customs Agent: Here you are. Welcome to America.

Passenger: Thank you. 


Airport Dialogues – Security

Security Guard: Hello, do you have anything metal on you? Any change in your 

wallet, watches, jewelry?

Passenger: No.

Security Guard: Do you have any liquids or gels?

Passenger: I have this water bottle.

Security Guard: Is it less than 100 milliliters?

Passenger: No, it is 500.

Security Guard: I’m sorry you will have to throw it away.

Passenger: Oh, alright.

Security Guard: Please place your jacket and carry-on in the tray and proceed 

through the metal detector.


Information Desk at the airport

Person: Hi, can you help me?

Information Desk Person: I'd be happy to.

Person: Where can I get a taxi?

Information Desk Person: The taxis are by the main entrance. From here, walk 

towards Gate 32, take the escalator to the first floor and turn right. Outside, you 

will see the taxis.

Person: Thank you very much. 

Currency Exchang Dialogue: 

Bank clerk: Hi! How may I help? 

Passenger: I would like to exchange NT dollars into US dollars. 

Bank clerk: OK. 

Passenger: Can I have your smallest bills? 

Bank clerk: Yes. I would give you as many as I can. 

Passenger: Thank you. 

Bank clerk: Please write your phone number and sign here. 

Passenger: OK. 

Bank clerk: Here you are. Have a nice day. 



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