Abstract : Extravagance in chemical fertilizers and pesticides has become a threat to the lives of citizens and infect them with

serious diseases after these fertilizers were one of the most important factors that helped in increasing and developing

agricultural production, but the unfair and indiscriminate use of them by farmers, left negative effects on the environment and

the health of citizens as they interact with the soil and leave traces negative to the various elements of the environment.

Biofertilizers are considered environmental friendly fertilizers, which are fertilizers containing microorganisms that are able to

supply plants with the necessary nutrients from natural sources, which reduce dependence on fertilizers. Different chemicals

which lead to reducing environmental pollution and production costs and increasing the yield in terms of quality and

quantity, bacteria and fungi and blue green algae are among the most important sources of biological fertilizers, as these

organisms play an important role in serving plants by providing nutrients that it contributes to improving growth, increasing

yield, disease resistance or resilience in the face of bad conditions surrounding plant growth, such as environmental stress

in the soil or climate changes and a large number of these organisms are associated with plants with what is called mutual



أ.م.د. أياد هاني العلاف

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