Message to one and all

Nada Amine Awar

In 1855 President Franklin Pierce of the United States made a “request” to Chief Seathl1 of the Suwamish tribe of Indians (who lived in what is now the State of Washington) to “sell” his land to the government. In reply, Chief Seathl sent a letter to the President

You wish to buy the land
Habitation I reside
The earth you divide and trade
Consuming land to fade
My friendship you don’t need
Imprisoning me indeed
I am forced to deal with you
The way you put it through
Your guns are still there to shoot
Every head and every foot
Can you sell and buy the sky?
Same rule to the land apply
The freshness of the air
The sun shine glowing fair
The sparkle of water
Every bird’s feather
Every shining pine needle
The soar of every eagle
Every sandy shore
Every being and more
Every mist
North south west and east
Is not for sale
A natural rule and detail
The land we do not own
So strange is your tone

The Chief’s name is perpetuated in the name of the city of Seattle in the State of Washington


المصدر: Message to one and all : a poem by Nada Amine Awar
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