Let it be secure
Nada Amine Awar

The world around you
Let it be secure
Your inner qualities 
Tolerate and endure  

All living things
Treat them with love
To restore harmony
Below and above

Guidance within you
Why don’t you trust?
Your fearful feeling
Is born from lust

Your fears just lead
To dry your weed 
Mind, body, and spirit
Fear spoils your merit

The tree of life
Requests confidence to flourish
No benefits from panic
Your fears do abolish

Horror stunts your soul
It kills your joy 
You are always sad
Like a broken toy

With trust comes poise
Nothing annoys
Self confident humans  
With fruitful endurance

In yourself you trust
This is a must
To keep up your life 
To stop the strife

المصدر: Let it be secure- a poem by Nada Amine Awar
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