Seek and discover
Nada Amine Awar

Matter and spirit
Noisy and quiet
A timeless circle
Magnificent miracle
Of life and death
Poverty and wealth
A world designed
Just to remind
You to live in harmony
A peaceful ceremony
A fruit from a tree
With a seed to be
Falling on the ground
With a perfect sound
New trees are born
Old trees are gone
Baby trees extend
As the laws demand
The same with you
With humans too
You were babies first
Then youth and adults exist
To give birth to new born
Where elders return
From the spirit world
Back to the ground
Path continuation
A joyful trip
In peace you step
New beginning
Drops in the river
Flowing forever
From universe to another
Whirl, seek and discover



المصدر: Seek and discover : a poem by Nada Amine Awar
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