A massive genocide

Nada Amine Awar

One hundred million Natives
Their genocide was massive 
A genocide patent
You legalized a criminal fact 
A nation you created
You was never belated
Distribute your green card
So easy not too hard
Then give a citizenship
To eat your chips with dip
You have stolen the land
Legalize your theft pretend
Democracy is a name
Human rights is a game
Your wars are still declared
Licensed and affirmed
Attacking every life
Stress, lament and strife
Surplus production of wheat
You burn and never eat
High prices to maintain
More riches to gain
Hungry people starve
To death while you still carve
To pay the costs to treat
Obesity to defeat
It your fatal greed
With medical inventions indeed
Treatment reaches an end
But you can never understand
Greedy intake once more
Back to where before
You cannot stand on your feet
Obesity you can’t treat
You reached the mortal stage
The end of imperialist age
People are now aware
Your system is unfair 
 Unfair for one and all
For both elder and small
Modern toxic consumption
It is nothing but a function 
Your money will multiply
And mothers will all cry.



المصدر: A massive genocide: poem dedicated to Native Americans by Nada Amine Awar
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