Name:Tamer Hamed  Bahaa El-Dein


Date of Birth:1/7/1974


Marital Status:Married


Address: Egypt

 kafer El Shiekh -Sakha 

              Alex – Al Hanofeel


Tel: -0020197100903


Email : [email protected]

Web:   http://kenanaonline.com /AlSeragSoft





*High studies in computer science – Cairo University 2002.

*Diploma in computer science and training skills (ITI)*Information Technology institute Cairo  - 1997.

*Bachelor of commerce  - Tanta University1996.


Have patent in new methods of developing computer's applications and operating Systems


To share my knowledge and experience with an organization, that can offer an ambitious career and provide open, amiable and challenging work environment.





<!--Developing application using  oracle developer

<!--ERP Experience (Financial, Trading and Industrial Applications)
- Experience in TOAD or other Oracle Database Tool

<!--Oracle Forms 6,9,10g and Reports Experience
- Strong SQL and PL/SQL development experience   

<!--Programming using  V.B

<!--Developing web sites  using HTML,DHTML and ASP.net2

<!--Developing  web sites using Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition and  dream weaver

<!--Developing multi media programs using director And Lingo Script.





<!--I Have a  good experience in case tools ,Crystal report ,toad8 , SQL navigator , network support ( Microsoft Operating systems)

<!--Microsoft Office 2003

<!--Creation of database in Oracle, connection of server database to client, installation of oracle on windows 2000 and windows Nt,of database standby database creation and configuration.

<!--Have a good knowledge of Macintosh Operating system.

<!--Have a good knowledge of system analysis.

<!--Have a good experience in organizing project-planning workshops.

<!--Have a good experience in graphics application such as PhotoShop, CorelDraw, Corel3D, FreeHand and Adobe Premiere.

<!--Have a good experience in accounting and  financial system

Work shops Attended

<!--The first technology conference as representative of information technology center, Dec 1998 KFS.

<!--Oriented Planning workshop April 1999 (ZOPP).

<!--Teacher planning workshop January 2000.

<!-- Oriented Planning workshop 14- 16 Feb 2000.

<!--Seminar about water.

<!--class rooms  with out problems ksa 2004

<!--Cort Thinking methodology 2006

<!--BME Methodology And Its Strategies work shop 2006


Training Courses

<!--computer programming languages

<!--Oracle developer

<!--Multi media (director – lingo scripts – action script-author ware – flash)

<!--Web developer (html - VBScript – Asp.net2 –etc…)

<!--Computer training skills.

<!--Creation thinking.



<!--Financial Auditing

<!--InbnSina clinical systems

<!--Accounting & inventory  systems

<!--Apparent systems

<!--Archiving systems

More than 14 application (analysis-design-coding-testing-packaging-support)

You can visit my web site for Details

http://kenanaonline.com /AlSeragSoft




















From 2006 til now

Job title :system analyses and software developer "Oracle" and MS

Details: http://kenanaonline.com /AlSeragSoft

From  20/12/2003 till 7-6-2006

Job title :Sw Developer

Jobs and Tasks:

<!--Developing applications

<!--Guide user to teach them how to use applications.

<!--Give  support to Applications

<!--Sharing in development and design applications


Ministry of finance Egypt

From 2001 till now

Job title :Sw Developer and Financial Controller

Jobs and Tasks: facilitate and automate the functions of all departments of authority these done by designing and developing integrated computer applications

.in addition of mentioned above

Manage accounts department in governmental sector as a delegate of the Ministry of Finance and the design and implementing computer programs to automate work in governmental sector
From 2000 till 2003

Job title :   Sw Developer

Jobs and Tasks:

Developing application.

Guide user to teach them how to use applications.

Give support to Applications.

Developing multimedia application.

Performing technical support.


RODECO Consulting Gmbh (German Technical Co-operation project)

From Nov 1998 till Oct 2000

Job Title: Administrative work

Jobs and Tasks: Maintaining Data banks.

Translate Arabic into English and vice versa.

Developing computer programs.

Making computer courses.

Organizing work shops, seminars and symposiums.

Performing administrative works.

Manage accounting system.

Technical support.

Information Training Center (ITC)
From 1997 till 2001

Job title : Instructor

Jobs and Tasks:

Teaching computer science.

Preparing training materials.

Developing evaluation system.

Performing technical support.



Available Upon Request


Arabic English French:fair



Final Statement

 I hereby state that all the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. And I believe that the information in this form will be treated as Confidential Information, which is not for distribution in any form or by any means.

Date:   /     /                                                                             Signature:                                                  











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