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Continuing training of poultry flock advisors is an important effort of many Extension specialists and agents in areas having significant poultry industries. These programs discuss unique efforts to deliver training basis. Collaborative efforts by industry, allied industry, and Extension personnel produced programs that well received by the poultry  industry nationally.


Disease, nutritional, and environmental problems besides marketing are the major aspects in poultry commercial production.


Quality of food, prevention of infections, good management and administration are important to reach the project targets.


Most companies involved in poultry production have adopted vertical integration of production and distribution functions. In many cases, actual on-farm husbandry is contracted with an independent farmer.

Poultry flock advisors must have well-developed managerial skills in addition to possessing sufficient technical information to trouble shoot field problems. Continuing training is provided by technical meetings arranged primarily through the owners.

Biological Training Course

  • Biological principles in general.
  • Unique aspects of the avian species.
  • Disease agents and infectious causes.
  • Nutritional principles, and food formation.
  • Management concepts.

Mange mental Training Course

  • Chick quality.
  • Feed and water quality.
  • Health programs.
  • Avian biology.
  • Broiler management.
  • Egg mass Production




Incubation and Hatchery

Selecting breed and size of the farm.

Preparing brooding facilities.

Proper brooding of chicks.

Feeding and watering chicks.

Judging poultry and eggs.

Proper disposal of dead poultry.

Record keeping.


Slaughter and dressing of broilers.

Preparing birds for shows and fairs.

Housing and feeding laying hens.

Lighting of layers.

Litter management.

Grading eggs and packing for market.

Exhibits for fairs.


Water management in winter or summer periods.

Poultry diets and feeding programs.

Sanitation and disease control.

Culling of non-productive laying hens.




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