The great national project
 Provide 10 million jobs (2)
Part II

In the name of God the Merciful

It is known that the Egyptian people always meets when there is a national project that unites individuals and communities of the Egyptian people whether the project was politically such as independence or Fighting the occupation and the great October War or it can be either economic projects such as building the High Dam, or be legitimate political and economic such as the Suez Canal.

The project, which we  will talk about it is possible to be as the Suez Canal project economically and politically:

* Economically: Economic returns and infrastructure and the benefit to the Egyptian people in terms of reducing unemployment and building new cities and large industries..

* Politically: it will link between the various countries of the world and the benefit will not be less than the Suez Canal

* In addition to the capital for this project is too large to the extent that any independent state or a company can not bear the costs unless they are combined together. This  project is   Egyptian mainly with multi-national in terms of cost and benefit, but the government has to announce and adopted him, and invites the private sector and arab and foreign investors for its implementation .

May I ask who has the ability and authority to assist in carrying out the studies required, whether the private sector on this matter or other experts in research centers and universities to ascertain the feasibility and the seriousness of this study by people of experience and knowledge in all areas.
 And discuss this vital project in the People's Assembly in order to be laws and procedures that help in the completion of the project in the event of seriousness .

<!--<!--<!--The need to project


1. It is known that the use of trains led to the unification of the United States of America and has made access to the mandates of the session as easy as possible (the United States is a continent in terms of area, but expansion in the use of rail to make it a village). Whereas the number of trains and vehicles and the lengths of rail in the United States of America is superior to many countries of the world The number of locomotive is 19 684 and the number of vehicles of different vehicle uses 762.429 (census 1995).

But there are many countries were built by and its economic, such as Germany before World War II on a network of railways and highways linking the parts of Germany to each other, which helped her to transfer the pace of the war and preparations for their armies of soldiers and weapons from the front to another quickly and after its defeat in the war established a renaissance again on the rail network created by the former.

2. It is known that the value of world exports in 2005 had reached to approximately 16.125 billion dollars (16 trillion) and that it will double within the next 25 years (the annual report of the World Trade Organization in 2009). And that trade between the EU and Asia (passing through the Suez Canal and Cape of Good Hope or through intra-regional trade between Asian and European countries) up to 40% of this value.

3, is well known that the Suez Canal has reached a point that does not accommodate ships more than that, depending on the movement of ships in the channel if we want more money to the Suez Canal must be increased tonnage of vessels transiting the canal and increase the navigation to allow the passage of large ships and the largest tonnage of a ship 280 they are loaded with tons or 360 thousand tons, half loaded, and there are ships can not pass through the Suez Canal (tonnage of 500 thousand tons), but only a blank, because the draft of the Suez Canal is not allowed to pass through a charged.

<!--<!--<!--Not more than that except in the case of increasing the draft of the Suez Canal with the high cost for it.

Channel effect on world trade, see the links .... Page 30

Nationalization of the Suez Canal while now see the references .... Page 44
If we talk about container ships.
Must know that the world is moving today and tomorrow to the manufacture of larger container ships and more cargo because the feature-way trade, which will depend upon the world in the future but also innovates in the container system to reduce the size of the blank to them when shipped.

These containers provide a size up to 75% during the collapse, at the same time, were designed from environmentally friendly materials and 25% lighter than their counterparts!

Types of containers:

1. Shipping unit of an international container TEU 1 = 20 Foot.

Twenty-foot equivalent unit) (

(Length 20 ft 7.8 ft width ... ... Height 7.9 ft) size of 32 cubic meters ...

2. Shipping unit of the container TEU 2 = 40 Foot.

As for our part we are in Arab Republic of Egypt The maximum load for container ships pass through the Suez Canal of not more than 3000 container ...

If we know that here has a capacity of container ships from 8000-14500 container shipping unit, TEU international and the general trend is the increase in the manufacture of Ships 14 500 container shipping unit, TEU international.


Peace, mercy and blessings of God

This study is presented to the President of Arab  Republic of Egypt in registered letter with registeration number 96 R on 9/19/2010 Mansoura main post office 35111 ....  And was RECEIVED by number of 629 in 9/21/2010

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