The great national project

 (Provide 10 million jobs (1

Part I

In the name of God the Merciful

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The great national project the first part

In a concise and God helped me to think He is a giant project, but may be good for the  people of Egypt all may be a national project that wraps around the whole of Egypt draft national giants such as Suez Canal
Is linked to South-East Egypt Red Sea to the north west of Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea at Salloum
Rail sophisticated and modern
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Explain the project

The project in simple words is to use its territory to Egypt, taking advantage of others (the territory of the desert) as warehouses and depots of exporting companies in the world for use as warehouses advanced to reduce the time between the request and the item RECEIVED

As well as companies shift their warehouses to make the original home to the factories.

It is known that countries in the world today are racing to create the largest ports for container handling and spend billions to achieve this.

If we consider that this project for container handling and facilitate the transfer of the giant cargo ships can not cross the Suez Canal for storage of goods and commodities in the warehouses of advanced, we find that this project can be Okprparwa for container handling on the surface of the earth

Return of the creation and provision of more than 10 million jobs girl

But how could this be?

If we look at the map of the Arab Republic of Egypt will see it mediates the world, where the events of the Suez Canal of particular importance.

And we will find that there are a lot of Egypt's area, geographically unexploited.


- We will be linking the south-east of Egypt near the Red Sea area of Halaib and Shalatin rail sophisticated and fast northwestern Egypt at Salloum and will cross this railway River Nile either create a bridge over the Nile or a tunnel under the Nile (private company).

- When all of the southern and northern regions will be held two ports of the great public service vessels and container vessels, especially in these ports equipped with the latest in the era of the equipment

- Be established stores are rented to all countries of the world or its space that you want the space is expected to expand to. Each tenant is stored in each of the two cities.

I shall be God Almighty in the presentation of the project in workshops consecutive

Peace, mercy and blessings of God

This study is presented to the President of Arab  Republic of Egypt in registered letter with registeration number 96 R on 9/19/2010 Mansoura main post office 35111 ....  And was RECEIVED by number of 629 in 9/21/2010

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The great national project the first part

The great national project the second part

The great national project the third part

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