FEEDING TURKEYS FROM START TO FINISHFeed Homestead Turkey Starter(Medicated) to turkey poults for the first 6 weeks.  Turkey poults sometimes need a little help getting started so extra care must be taken to ensure that they know how to get both feed and water.  If the feed is in egg trays or shallow paper plates, the poults should start to eat.  Poults that are not eating often learn how if their beaks are dipped first in water, then in the feed.  After a few poults have been taught how to eat, the others should learn by example.In some situations young turkeys may begin feather pulling or even become cannibalistic.  These habits are usually brought on by stresses such as crowding over heating, lack of feeder space, mixing of different age groups or other management factors.  These habits can be controlled by having the birds debeaked at the hatchery.After 6 weeks, the turkey should be fedHomestead Turkey-Grower (Medicated) .  Increase the pen area to 5.0 meters square per 100 birds.  Double the waterer capacity and the feeder space.When the turkeys are 12 weeks of age, change the feed to Homestead Turkey Finisher.  Keep the turkeys on this feed until market weight is achieved.Turkeys can me grown to various market weights.  Turkey broilers usually weight over 5 kg and take 11 weeks to achieve this weight.  Heavy tom turkeys can be gron to weights of 14 kg in 18 weeks while heavy hens reach a market weight of about 7.3 kg in under 13.5 weeks.  TheHomestead turkey program can be used to grow all the various market weights of turkeys.       Homestead Turkey FeedsShur-Gain Homestead Turkey Starter, Grower and Finisher have been specifically formulated for turkeys that are raised in small turkey flocks.Derived from Shur-Gain's commercial turkey programs, the Homestead turkey programhas been designed to provide small flock owners with high quality, economical rations and a simplified feeding schedule.Provides nutritionallly balanced diet for turkeys from start to finish.Contains balanced calcium and phosphorus levels to promote good leg strength.Supplemented with fat-soluble vitamins, B-complex vitamins and trace minerals for optimal growth and performance.Homestead Turkey Starter and Turkey Grower are medicated to give the birds protection against blackhead (Histomoniasis), an acute protozoan disease that can have devastating effects in a turkey flock.       Feeding Schedule:  Homestead Turkey Starter                                                         0-6 WeeksHomestead Turkey Grower                                                       6-12 WeeksHomestead Turkey Finisher                                        12 Weeks to Market


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