This study is to evaluate the effect of magnetic iron (500 and 1000g/tree) and k-humate (50 and 100 g/tree) treatments on  growth and productivity of Valencia orange trees under reclaimed conditions (sandy soil and saline water), during two successive seasons (2011-012) and (2012-013) at a private orchard in Abu Shalaby - El Salhia region, Sharkia Governorate. There was significant improve by the different magnetic iron and K-humate treatments on the growth, tree productivity and fruit quality. The analysis of the data collected during the study proved that there were statistically significant increases in vegetative growth, crop yield, fruit quality and some leaf chemical composition with different doses of magnetic iron and K-humate treatments, Whereas, 1000 g magnetic iron plus 50g K-humate was the best results for vegetative growth, yield production and the fruit quality under this study during both seasons

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